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Guess the Fest and go backstage with Fun Fun Fun Fest 8

Guess the Fest and go backstage with Fun Fun Fun Fest 8

Austin Photo Set: FFF_day three_nov 2012_omar rodriguez
Omar Rodriguez Lopez played with his band Bosnian Rainbows in 2012. Photo by Jon Shapley

It's hard to remember a time when Austin benefited from temperate weather on a day like today, but November will indeed come 'round on our calendars — and with it, Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Transmission Entertainment kicks off Guess the Fest, a contest to get tongues wagging over the unreleased Fun Fun Fun Fest 8 lineup.

How it works: Log in to the content with your Facebook account, enter in 20 guesses on who you think will play the festival, and who ever gets the most correct gets flown into Austin (if outside city limits) with their friend and wins Homie passes to the festival. 

This year FFF isn't giving away PIP passes. And you know what? That's better. Homie passes get festival goers backstage and sidestage access, a far cry from the somewhat pitiful PIP viewing platform of year's past.

A second prize winner will get weekend passes and get sidestage access to their favorite act. The third prize winner will score four weekend passes. 

And if you think guessing upwards of 20 bands is impossible, just ask last year's winner, Miguel "Vader" Paz. He and a friend were flown in from Monterrey, Mexico thanks to his 14 correct answers.

To improve your odds, study up on the more obscure summer festival lineups around the country and look into punk and/or metal bands reuniting. The winner will be announced July 15.