Drafthouse Roundup

Go big this month at the Alamo Drafthouse with Roadshows and kaiju

Go big this month at the Alamo Drafthouse with Roadshows and kaiju

Still from Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket with Luke and Owen Wilson at Day's Inn for Rolling Roadshow
Bottle Rocket Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse
Godzilla King of the Monsters
Still from Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket with Luke and Owen Wilson at Day's Inn for Rolling Roadshow
Footloose movie with Kevin Bacon for Action Pack dance along

The temperatures may be taking off like stars from a Roman candle, but that just means that you need to double down and keep having fun this month. We’ve never let triple digits rain on our parade (although some moisture wouldn’t hurt) and the heat won’t stop us now.

The Alamo Drafthouse is ready to take care of your entertainment with a lineup that makes July feel like one big summer blockbuster itself.

Rolling Roadshow MS 150 Fundraiser: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
If you want see a movie but still count it as an outdoor adventure, you’ll be covered this month with a screening of Tim Burton's classic Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Find a good spot on the lawn of the French Legation Museum, enjoy some food trailer bites and watch as Pee Wee Herman goes on an epic quest to find his bicycle.

It’s the perfect film to complement the effort to raise awareness and funds for the annual MS 150, which help the MS Foundation in its efforts to create a world free of multiple sclerosis. And if you’re a bike rider, head over to Mellow Johnny’s for a group ride to the screening. It sounds like so much fun, you’ll just want to jump up and dance to “Tequila.”

Rolling Roadshow: “Save the Bottle Rocket Motel” Screening
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure won’t be the only chance for you to combine outdoor cinema with philanthropy. This screening pays tribute to a little motel that’s become a symbol of Texas independent filmmaking.

Bottle Rocket was the beginning of the successful and vibrant career of Wes Anderson, and the Day’s Inn in Hillsboro, Texas was an important set piece in this comic crime caper. When the Drafthouse heard that the motel was in dire financial straits, it jumped into action to help save it with a Rolling Roadshow screening in conjunction with Reservoir Geeks. This is the third annual chance for you to show some love for a film made deep in the heart of Texas.

The Footloose Dance-Along
Everyone loves to cut loose and dance, even if you live in a small conservative Christian town. They may try to ban it, but Kevin Bacon will always be there to waltz right in and spread the dancing fever.

The Action Pack normally hosts sing-alongs and quote-alongs, but a film like Footloose demands that you get kick off your Sunday shoes and dance amidst a torrent of confetti and glitter. You can take a break whenever the movie debates the morals of dancing, but once they hit the dance floor on the screen you'll follow suit at this novel dance-along.

July Film Series: Beasts vs. Bots
The Guillermo del Toro picture Pacific Rim is next up on the schedule of 2013 summer blockbuster releases and Drafthouse is going as big as possible to pay tribute to the universal love of big ass monsters and robots.

All month, the Alamo Drafthouse lineup will be booked with classic and cult films around the theme of city destroying creatures and the bots they often battle with. Asian cinema has blessed our theaters with nearly a half-century of kaiju films, from the 2006 Korean monster film The Host to 1954’s Godzilla, the movie that started it all. You’ll be plenty tempted to build your own mini metropolis out of boxes to stomp into submission.