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Don't Call it a Comeback

Dave Chappelle's first interview in five years heavy on real talk, light on jokes

Remember Dave Chappelle? If you asked that question in 2003, you’d likely get an eye roll and an “Of course,” due to the monumental success of three-season sketch hit Chappelle's Showthe project rocketed stand up-slash-actor Dave Chappelle to monumental stardom.

But, in 2004, the show’s #1 catchphrase “I’m Rick James, bitch!” began to haunt the comic, with fans interrupting his stand up sets and private life to quote their favorite sketches. In late 2004, with fans literally demanding a third season, Chappelle seemed to break from the stress, pushing back delivery dates indefinitely and disappearing to South Africa (amid rumors of an alleged mental breakdown). Upon his return, he headed home to Yellow Springs, Ohio, where he’s been hiding from the spotlight ever since.

While he’s managed to keep a low profile, Chappelle recently made news when he intentionally bombed a set at a charity event, citing an audience member’s taping of the show as cause for his attitude.

This week, Chappelle sat down with San Francisco’s WILD 94.9 to discuss what he’s been up to in Ohio, his feeling on fame and the unfavorable press his stand up debacle has been earning.

Check out the two part talk, below.

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