Gosling Mania

Ryan Gosling to appear shirtless (in a clip show) at the Drafthouse

Ryan Gosling to appear shirtless (in a clip show) at the Drafthouse

Remember when Ryan Gosling sent Austin into widespread panic when he showed up at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011?

Well, just when our hearts settled back into our chests (a year later), he showed up again, roaming around the city wearing baseball caps, buying coffee and eating at restaurants while in town shooting the still untitled Terrence Malick project.

One might even mistake him for a human.

For those of you whose creepy, stalker-like behavior hasn’t resulted in a Ryan Gosling run-in, don’t be discouraged.

Alamo Drafthouse and Fun Fun Fun Fest present Man Crush: Ryan Gosling, which promises 100 minutes of uninterrupted, undeniably sexy Gosling movie clips “without having to deal with scenes featuring people who aren't Ryan Gosling.”

These shows will undoubtedly sell out faster than you can say “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird,” so I suggest you get your credit cards ready.


Tickets for Man Crush: Ryan Gosling are on sale through the Drafthouse website. The only three dates it will be shown so far are Oct. 8 at the Ritz location, Oct. 9 at the Village and Oct. 25 at South Lamar.

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