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Daft Punk's guys plan your Halloween party: SOUNDSYSTEM brings in top music, design talent

Daft Punk's guys plan your Halloween party: SOUNDSYSTEM brings in top music, design talent

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Courtesy of Daft Punk Alive World Tour

Austin's about to host a Halloween party like it never has before: one ripe with lights, lasers, smoke — but no mirrors. ACL Live has partnered with SOUNDSYSTEM to bring in certifiable top electronic and DJ talent from around the world, coupled with cutting edge set design for a full blown sensory experience on October 31.

Headed up by Jon Pleeter — the same man who booked, negotiated and marketed Daft Punk's 2007 Alive World Tour — SOUNDSYSTEM's Halloween party will feature Dirty Vegas, RAC, Classixx and Flight Facilities, as well as Austin's own Learning Secrets (Ian Orth, Jeramy Neugent).

Pleeter's pick: Flight Facilities - "Be with You" ft. Grovesner

Based in L.A., and an uber-fan of Austin, Pleeter decided the capital city was well overdue for a world-class caliber electronic show and subsequently poured all of his effort into it. "It took lots of painstaking late night conversations with people who are very opinioned… [But] I am super stoked to see the fans of electronic music in Austin having the time of their life."

Pleeter's pick: Dirty Vegas - "Electric Love"

So why is this show so special, aside from the big-name lineup? "We’ve been lucky enough to wrangle the most brilliant production designer and lighting designer in the world for this show," Pleeter says. "These guys are the best in the business, all the major EDM artists want to hire them. Let me just say they’ve designed sets for the biggest names in the electronic space, in the biggest venues around the world."

Pleeter's pick: RAC - "Hollywood" ft. Penguin Prison

"With [this lineup], you're basically being handed a sure thing," Nuegent of Learning Secrets chimes in. "Who needs drugs when you have set and lighting design by the boys behind the Daft Punk pyramid?"

But before you start imagining the weekday hangover you'd have to suffer through for a Wednesday night party — it's over at 1 a.m. In otherwords, you can dance yourself exhausted by a decent hour and (maybe) make it to work the next day.

Be sure to check out the videos; they're Pleeter's top picks to get you in the mood and electronic groove.


Doors are at 7 p.m., show at 8 p.m. Tickets are available here