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The Pop Almanac Podcast #6: Halloween Spirit

The Pop Almanac Podcast #6: Halloween Spirit

Presenting the first holiday episode of the Pop Almanac!

This week, after a little bit of time reflecting on the ongoing Austin Film Festival and the interpersonal politics of standing in lines all day, Duncan and Brendan talk about Halloween in all of its self-referential, nostalgic glory. Is it really their favorite holiday, as many hipsters and pop culture savvy like to claim, or just the holiday that they love the most in theory, but not execution?  The true spirit of Halloween is elusive, and something that only a few movies seem to embrace in the right way.
Instead, your hosts discuss many tv Halloween episodes that manage to capture the feeling, beginning with The Simpsons' famous "Treehouse of Horror" episodes, 1966's "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," all the way up to "Community" and the underrated "Roseanne."
Links from this episode:
All of CultureMap's AFF coverage.
Tenenbaum Fail, the tumblr of failed Wes Anderson inspired Halloween costumes.
Matt Zoller Seitz on Bill Melendez's "Charlie Brown" specials.

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