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A new reason for the season: Doug Benson and Master Pancake team up for one night at the Drafthouse

A new reason for the season: Doug Benson and Master Pancake team up for one night at the Drafthouse

Austin photo: News_Ryan_doug benson master pancake_dec 2012_doug master pancake
Austin Photo: news_ryan_doug benson master pancake_dec 2012_doug benson

Comedian Doug Benson really loves movies. At least it says so in the name of his hit podcast series. And Austin comedy troupe Master Pancake loves to mock movies, whether good or bad. Having these two forces of film-nerdom unite for one night only may be the closest the world will ever get to a real-life Avengers assembly.

On Friday, December 7, the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz will be the center for the team up that will pay a tongue-in-cheek tribute to not one, but two, movies. The first show of the evening, starting at 7:30 p.m., is still unknown as of now, but only because Doug Benson wants it to be a special surprise. The film itself will of course have a holiday theme, but don’t expect Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer; instead, gear up for the “best 80s action movie that takes place around Christmas to ever feature a pair of mismatched cops and a giant mullet.”

The following show at 10:30 p.m. will completely take its cue from the audience, as Master Pancake will hold another of the popular Choose Your Own Pancake shows. Attendees are invited to bring and nominate their own films for a night of mocking right there on the spot. Previous “winners” have included Left Behind, Face/Off and Will Shatner’s White Comanche.

The jam-packed evening of movie mockery will of course not just be a one man show, as Benson will be part of a team of Master Pancake stalwarts John Erler, Joe Parsons, Owen Egerton and David Jara.

And if Friday night doesn’t work for you, Benson was kind enough to provide even more shows at the Drafthouse. His popular podcast Doug Loves Movies will return to Texas once again for another live recording at 4:20 p.m. on Friday at the Drafthouse Ritz (remember, this guy did star in Super High Me) with special guests from the Austin comedy scene, including John Erler of Master Pancake.

On Thursday evening, the Drafthouse will host The Benson Movie Interruption, Benson’s own take on live movie commentary that has become a fixture in Los Angeles’ Cinefamily cinematheque. While also billed as a mystery movie, audience members can expect to watch Benson’s favorite Christmas movie of all time.

If you’re already run ragged with the holiday shopping, take a page out of the Doug Benson/Master Pancake book and sit back and relax with a few Drafthouse laughs this holiday season.