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MTV True Life is casting in Austin: Young, entrepreneurial women wanted

MTV True Life is casting in Austin: Young, entrepreneurial women wanted

MTV found plenty of success when it filmed the 16th season of The Real World here in Austin, and it appears that producers want to return to the well to take advantage of our local small business spirit.

True Life, which has aired on the pop culture network since 1998, follows the lives of young people as they deal with daily life problems including drug abuse, poverty, opposing lifestyles, and just about everything in between. For an upcoming prospective episode, producers want to put the focus on where personal and professional relationships intersect and hope that there is plenty of drama to be filmed.

According to an Austin Craigslist ad, the show wants to find young women who are starting small businesses with the help of close friends. Perhaps you may feel as if employing close friends has turned into a nightmare, or has the stress of possible failure created cracks in what was was once a long-term friendship? Or is your business idea so novel only you and your pal seem to get the idea?

While the casting is described as “nationwide” in the ad, postings for the role have so far only appeared on the Craigslist sites for Austin and Los Angeles along with their respective surrounding areas. It certainly makes sense to focus on casting within our fair city.

Austin doesn’t lack in entrepreneurial spirit, with novelty small businesses popping up left and right, but also having the tendency to stick around and be successful. The local food and drink scene alone could put to shame the number of startups in other cities. Austin knows how to keep business weird.

It’s hard to imagine that there wouldn’t be enough young, up-and-coming businesswomen in this town who are living through the startup experience right now. If you feel like you have the best story to tell about the trials of a startup and the stress it puts on your friendships turned into business partnerships, now’s the time to tell the world.

Applicants must appear to be between 17-25 years old (MTV does cater to a pretty young audience) and provide their story and photos of themselves and their team to the posting. MTV publicity can still be good publicity, and it's not like LA really needs more media exposure.