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The results are in: The best new music venues of 2012

Austin Photo Set: News_Arden_holy mountain_oct 2012_6
Holy Mountain Photo by Jessica Pages
Austin Photo Set: News_Chad_Beauty Ballroom_first look_jan 2012_7
 Beauty Ballroom Photo by J.Dennis Thomas
Emo's East
Emo's East Courtesy photo
Austin Photo Set: News_Arden_holy mountain_oct 2012_6
Austin Photo Set: News_Chad_Beauty Ballroom_first look_jan 2012_7
Emo's East

We're wrapping up another big year of change for the Live Music Capital. In 2012, we saw some of our favorite indie music venues leave their original Red River homes, and begin to establish a new music culture on East Riverside with their (much bigger) second comings.

Though Red River lost Emo's and Beauty Bar, the music hub also gained an impressive new music house (Holy Mountain), and witnessed odd moonlighting — Vita Hill Social Club, Metal and Lace — by some of its well-known clubs. So which stands out as the best new venue of 2012?

We asked you, our readers, to vote for your favorite new venue in this week's end-of-year Culture Poll. The results might surprise you, as it wasn't the second coming of a famed punk club that took first place.

With 65 percent of the vote, Holy Mountain, which opened in October, comes in first place.

Rising from the ashes of Beauty Bar, Holy Mountain offers the quality live shows you'd expect on Red River, with a bit more refinement, for the indie crowd that's grown up in the past few years.

Here are the full results for Austin's best new venue of 2012:

  1. Holy Mountain — 65%
  2. Emo's East — 20%
  3. Beauty Ballroom — 6%
  4. Vita Hill Social Club (inside Red 7) — 5%
  5. Metal and Lace — 2%

With New Year's Eve and Free Week just around the corner, get out and discover one of these new clubs, or reacquaint yourself with an old favorite. Let's keep them thriving — and keep our music tradition alive.

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