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Pit Stop, Sundance Film Festival, January 2013
Pit Stop, by director and screenwriter Yen Tan, tells the parallel stories of two working class gay men in a small Texas town who come together after each suffering struggles and heartbreak in other relationships. FilmGuide.Sundance.org
Computer Chess, Sundance Film Festival, January 2013
Computer Chess, the fourth feature length film by Austin director Andrew Bujalski, is an existential comedy about a computer convention in 1980 and the men who taught machines to play chess. FilmGuide.Sundance.org
A Teacher, Sundance Film Festival, January 2013
Sure to be controversial will be A Teacher, a psychological drama about a high school teacher who has an affair with one of her students. ATeacherFilm.com
Jeremy Lin, Linsanity, Sundance Film Festival, January 2013
One of the hottest tickets to this year’s Sundance is the documentary premiere of Linsanity, featuring Jeremy Lin. Triple5Light
Houston, movie, Sundance Film Festival, January 2013
In the 12-entry category for World Dramatic, Houston, a dark psychological drama featuring a German executive recruiter and alcoholic who comes to Houston to recruit an energy executive  will premiere Jan. 22. FilmGuide.Sundance.org