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Backstage with Beyoncé: Laughs, hugs and a kiss from Jay-Z after electrifying Super Bowl performance

Pure joy. That was the look on Beyoncé's face just after her electrifying performance during the Super Bowl halftime show in the New Orleans Superdome. The photo was posted by make-up artist Joanna Simkin and re-shared by the singer.

The performance was so high-energy that after an electrical outage caused a 38-minute delay in the game during the third quarter, some were joking that the singer had zapped all the power out of the big dome with her performance.

Check out these photos of backstage happenings leading up to Beyoncé's big day at the big show.

Earlier in the week, Beyoncé rehearsed for the show in a striped catsuit.

Beyoncé posted photos of her final rehearsals on her Tumblr blog.


It's Showtime! On Sunday, Beyoncé was dressed and ready to perform. 

On stage, Beyoncé wore a leather and lace outfit designed by Ruben Singer, who was a key figure at Fashion Houston last November. Singer told the New York Times that he expected the exposure to significantly boost his profile.

It was no secret that Beyoncé planned a reunion with Destiny's Child singers Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams at the Super Bowl halftime show. Here the trio clown around backstage.

(I found the on-stage reunion too short - what no "Survivor?" - and Beyoncé's mic seem much louder than the others, just about drowning them out. But I'm clearly in the minority as the reviews were stellar.)

Classy lady: Beyoncé wrote a note of thanks to the other performers at the Super Bowl. In addition to the Destiny's Child singers, Alicia Keys sang the national anthem and Jennifer Hudson (referred to as JHud in the note) sang "America The Beautiful" with children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

After kissing her husband backstage after the show, Beyoncé and Jay-Z worked their way down the hallway. She carried a Venti-sized Starbucks cup in her hand, although I suspect no amount of caffeine could compare with the buzz she must have gotten from performing at the Super Bowl.