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Hello, Kitty: Sanrio teams with sneaker-freaks Ubiq to create fuzzy, fabulous footwear

Hello, Kitty: Sanrio teams with sneaker-freaks Ubiq to create fuzzy, fabulous footwear

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Who’d have ever thought that sneaker freaks and cartoon lovers would have something in common?

A new partnership between sneakersmiths Ubiq and Sanrio star Hello Kitty unites the two, and the result is aaaaawdorable:

Called the “Mascot Fatima” sneaker, the fuzzy kicks are only available in women’s sizes (we’re guessing the demand was low for Size 10+) and are the perfect gift for your fearless, fashion-forward friends who also happen to enjoy kitschy kitties and comfy footwear.

There's something about the wide-eyed, bow-headed animated cat that inspires serious adoration in adults and kids alike. (Take it from me: even though I don't have a particularly strong affinity for the wonderful world of Sanrio, I still own this.)

In honor of Hello Kitty’s latest fashion venture, here’s a list of our favorite HK fashion statements.

The Hello Kitty Wedding Gown: Because nothing says “I’m ready for a serious, lifelong commitment” like a dress bedazzled with pink bows and kitties. The scary part? There are several known HK wedding dress designs

The Hello Kitty Eye:

Ok, this one’s actually pretty cool (though actually sporting the look might result in being accidentally mistaken for a serial killer) — a mini kitty for your lids! There’s even a fun tutorial so you can try it yourself (we recommend turning the volume down before hitting “play” on the clip below).

The Hello Kitty Crop Top:

From cross-cultural online emporium Japan LA, this is a cute crop we’d probably actually wear, paired with a mini or some skinny jeans to offset the overly cutesy-ness of the bow.

And then, there’s this:

It wouldn’t be a spotlight on freaky fashion without an appearance from Lady Gaga

What's the best — or worst — entertainment-inspired fashion you've seen?