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Welcoming wedding season en pointe: The ballerina and the bride

I've always been captivated by the ballet. Having grown up in Eastern Europe, I found myself drawn to that area’s live-performance art and like most little girls, had particular fascination with ballerinas.

Timeless and elegant, ballerinas have the effortless ability to combine both beauty and strength.

Rooted in that desire to be the prima ballerina and the spirit of the impending wedding season, I wanted to take all of the dynamic stories and emotions conveyed in ballet and merge them with the traditional bridal experience.

Aesthetically, both themes are explicitly feminine, so the idea was to play off that similarity and give the classic bride a more avant-garde infusion. 

Flowers by Mandarin Flower Company

Make Up: Avery Allen Make Up

Hair:  Michelle Weber 

Styling by Jessica Ciarla and Maria Orozova

Models: Shelby Nicole Leyva  and Ashley Landheer

Location: The Palm Door

Model: Ashley

Dress by Unbridaled

Flower Balls by Mandarin Flower C

Dress by Jessica Ciarla




Hair Piece by Lana Chu 




Left, Dress by Unbridaled
Hair piece by Lana Chu
Right, Dress by Jessica Ciarla
Flowers by Mandarin Flower Company




Dress by Unbridaled
Right, Dress by Jessica Ciala
Bouquet by Mandarin Flower






Dress by Ciarla Designs

Hair piece by Lana Chu
Bouquet and flowers by Mandarin Flower Company




Model: Shelby

Dress by Linda Asaf 

Pink Hair Piece by Lana Chu 




Dress by Unbridaled