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Summer music festival fashion guide: What to wear for a rockin' good time

Summer music festival fashion guide: What to wear for a rockin' time

summerfest fashion, jorts
FP Lacy Denim Cutoff Shorts $88, Urban BDG High-Rise Cheeky Denim Short $59 and XXI High-Waist Cuffed Denim Shorts $27.80. Courtesy of Free People, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21
summerfest fashion, crop tops
Urban Pins and Needles Smocked Cropped Halter Top $39, XXI Surreal Kaleidoscope Cami $10.80 and FP Freedom Frills Cami $58.  Courtesy of Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Free People
summerfest fashion, bikini tops
Victoria's Secret Ruffle Halter Top $22, Victoria's Secret Getaway Halter $27 and Victoria's Secret Long Line Triangle Top $25.50.  Courtesy of Victoria's Secret
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FP Elise Pintuck Mini Dress $108, Urban Kimchi Blue Charlene Square-Neck Fit + Flare Dress $49 and XXI Tribal Print Surplice Romper. Courtesy of Free People, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21
summerfest fashion, shoes
Chacos and old Converse are the way to go if you want to go blister free and don't mind your feet getting muddy. Courtesy of Pinterest
summerfest fashion, jorts
summerfest fashion, crop tops
summerfest fashion, bikini tops
summerfest fashion, sun dresses, romper
summerfest fashion, shoes

Get ready, because summer festival season is upon us. As long as you have your CamelBak strapped on tight (hydration is key, folks), sunglasses secured with croakies (80 percent chance your Ray Bans will somehow disappear) and an Instagram-worthy outfit, you’re set.

If you are struggling with that last one, I’ll do my best to put my years of festival experiences to the test and help find you the perfect outfit.

Some pointers you may want to consider: Will sweat show in this? Is it flattering when I’m not sucking in and standing up my straightest? And of course you are dressing to have fun, but what would you do if you ran into an old teacher (yes, this has happened to me) or even your boss?

Let's get to it. 

Ah jorts, Austin's summer uniform. If you are showing any midriff, high-waisted shorts are an absolute must. They’re flattering — if you find the right fit — and pretty comfy. Feel free to steer away from the boring blue jean and go for a fun color or print if you’re keeping it simple up top.

Crop Tops
I keep highlighting this kind of top because I’m considering comfort here. Do you really want to be outside for eight hours in a long-sleeve garment? Of course not. Also, jump around a bit when you’re trying things on (do everyone a favor and make sure everything stays in place).

If you like to be a little more free, this light, flowy sundress is your perfect pick even when the sun's not shining. Floral prints can really enhance a summer vibe here. Also, if you plan on getting on anyone's shoulders, perhaps a fun romper like this one would be the smarter choice.

If you're preparing for the rain, wear either something like an old pair of Converse or Vans. Now is not the time to break out your cutest pair of summer sandals, because the last place people will be looking is at your feet.

Fanny pack
My go-to accessory in life is the fanny pack. Laugh all you want, but I have never lost a purse at a big event or had the burden of carrying one around all day. It is the perfect place to keep your cash, phone, sunscreen, Chapstick, gum, you name it, without anything getting soaked. You can also attach a hat or cover up to the side of it if when the weather is constantly changing.

Rain Plan
My last pieces of advice when it comes to preparing for the worst:

  • Wear clothing that won't draw eyes when wet, and perhaps pack an extra tank to change into for your post-festival activities,
  • Invest in some waterproof eye makeup, no one wants raccoon eyes,
  • Pack some extra plastic grocery bags or Ziplocs for your valuables,
  • Flappy sandals will absolutely be devoured by the mud, and rainboots, although cute, will be way too heavy and a big burden. Go for something in-between that is really strapped to your feet but light,
  • A small umbrella or even poncho can easily be strapped onto the side of your bag (but bring a cheap one, it will be the first thing you dump if it stops raining),
  • If you're driving, pack beach towels in the trunk that you don't bring into the festival to protect your seats on the ride home. 

So have fun, look cute and know that when it rains, the only thing you'll have to worry about is your hair.