ATX Football and Fashion 2012
Fall for Fashion Preview

A sneak peek at fall fashion trends: Mixed greens, brooches & borrowing from the boys

Even though temperatures are still sizzling the Neiman Marcus Trend Event brought a hint of fall fashion to the air.

Here's a sneak preview of what's in store:

Mixed Greens

Green is a big color for fall - either worn in one shade head-to-toe or mixed in several hues.


Borrowed from the Boys

Go ahead and raid your boyfriend's closet. Or go shopping. Designers are featuring the men's look for fall, as evidenced in this ensemble of tailored vest, white shirt and dark slacks. A brooch on the vest adds a feminine touch.

Go Navy

Navy is the new neutral because it can be paired with black or bright colors. Also hot for fall: A brooch can be a perfect accent for any outfit.

The Leather Leg

So tight that it's like a second skin. So sexy.

High Impact Handbag

The bigger the better. This look incorporates other fall trends, too, with leather pants, fur vest and fedora with a brooch attached.


Digital Prints

Note the slacks with a modern pattern.

Mix in some leather

Dresses with leather insets continue a spring trend right into fall.


High-impact Jacket

A studded jacket can make a statement. It's paired with slacks that add a pop of color.