Fashion Week Inspirations

Designers find darnedest inspirations for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week spring 2014 collections

Nicole Miller inspiration sketch
Sketch courtesy of Nicole Miller
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Carmen Marc Valvo sketch
Sketch courtesy of Carmen Marc Valvo
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Bibhu Mohapatra sketch
Sketch courtesy of Bibhu Mohapatra
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Christian Siriano sketch
Sketch courtesy of Christian Siriano
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Emerson sketch
Sketch courtesy of Jackie-Fraser Swan for Emerson
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Fiona Kotur sketch
Sketch courtesy of Fiona Kotur
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Lela Rose sketch
Sketch courtesy of Lela Rose
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Nicholas K sketch
Sketch courtesy of Nicholas Kunz
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Rubin Singer sketch
Sketch courtesy of Rubin Singer
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Tracy Reese sketch
Sketch courtesy of Tracy Reese
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Jenny Packham sketch
Sketch courtesy of Jenny Packham
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Rebecca Taylor sketch
Sketch courtesy of Rebecca Taylor
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Herve Leger sketch
Sketch courtesy of Herve Leger
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 sketch Manel Jadraque of Desigual
Sketch courtesy of Manel Jadraque of Desigual
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 BCBG Max Azria sketch
Sketch courtesy of BCBG Max Azria
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Daisy Fuentes sketch
Sketch courtesy of Daisy Fuentes
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Yoana Baraschi sketch Bonded Lace Dress
Sketch courtesy of Yoana Baraschi
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Ann Yee sketch tweed
Sketch courtesy of Ann Yee
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Son Jung Wan sketch
Sketch courtesy of Son Jung Wan
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Dennis Basso sketch
Sketch courtesy of Dennis Basso
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Misha Nonoo of Nonoo painting by Gerhard Richter
Photo courtesy of Misha Nonoo
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Oskar Metsvaht for Osklen sketch
Sketch courtesy of Oskar Metsvaht for Osklen
Fashion Week spring summer 2013 Pamella Roland sketch
Sketch courtesy of Pamella Roland
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Elie Tahari sketch September 2013
Photo courtesy of Elie Tahari
Fashion Week spring summer 2013 Novis by designer Jordana Warmflash sketch
Sketch courtesy of Novis
Fashion Week spring summer 2014 Whitney Pozgay of WHIT sketch
Sketch courtesy of WHIT

NEW YORK — The crumbling ruins of Detroit. A punk rock garden party. Midcentury modern design. Silver screen goddesses of a long-ago era.These are just a few of the sources of inspiration for designers who are showing their spring 2014 collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

As the fashion extravaganza kicked off, we asked some up-and-coming designers as well as some well-known names to give us a sneak peek at what they plan to show on the runway and what inspired them. 

Here's what they had to say:

Nicole Miller

Inspiration: Shattered.

Carmen Marc Valvo

Inspiration: Beaded and embroidered tribal motifs with sports elements such as micro-mesh.

Bibhu Mohapatra

Inspiration: Expression without regulation.

Christian Siriano

Inspiration: The "island of women" influenced silhouettes from grass-lined huts, picturesque color-blocked residential streets, stonework and the locally abundant dahlia. 

Emerson by Jackie-Fraser Swan

Inspiration: Punk rock garden party.

Fiona Kotur

Inspiration: "For spring 2014, we joined the Gypset, tapping into the idea of the stylish traveler who seeks out immersive, evocative experiences the world over. We wanted to explore their sense of exotic travel, their spirit of adventure and their wanderlust.

"As much about travel as it is the ideas that travel inspires, spring for us is a season rich with the colors, the smells, the textures, and the craft of faraway places and faraway times. This is the season to explore."

Lela Rose

Inspiration: Spring 2014 is inspired by midcentury modern design and the then-futuristic undulating shapes that defined that era.

Nicholas K

Inspiration: Apache.

Rubin Singer

Inspiration: "From the dusted sands of time, my Serpent Queen rises to her glory."

Tracy Reese

Inspiration: Tracy Reese spring 2014 radiates sensuality, energy and optimism with an array of bold, spirited styles infused with Afro-Cuban influences to create an aesthetic full of texture and movement. The collection is rich in detail, including leather and raffia embroideries and authentic athletic accents.

Jenny Packham

Inspiration: Picnic.

Rebecca Taylor

Inspiration: Spring/summer 2014 is modern romanticism. Construction details and trims reference early American workwear, with a hint of feminism. Botanic inspiration is abstracted in prints, with transparent layers of color. Neutrals of palest gray and sage green are balanced with a strong base of cayenne and nude, with a pop of robin’s egg blue.

Herve Leger by Max Azria

Inspiration: Transform.

Manel Jadraque of Desigual

Inspiration: "This season we were inspired by the people and landscape of the Mediterranean. Everyone is so happy and full of life; that is the spirit Desigual captures for spring.” 

BCBG Max Azria

Inspiration: Intersection of form and function.

Daisy Fuentes

Inspiration: "My inspiration for my spring/summer 2014 collection comes straight from Malibu, California. To me Malibu represents true barefoot luxury. It's effortless style, modern, fresh and always chic. It's where I go to relax and have fun."

Yoana Baraschi

Inspiration: "This season is about making the invisible visible thus revealing the secret pleasure of the creative process."

Ann Yee

Inspiration: Inspired by the history of urban Detroit, its current crumbling economic state, combined with an appreciation for the survivalist spirit of the city as it moves towards a transformation, Ann Yee presents her spring/summer 2014 collection: Resurgence. Resurgence revels in the structured, metallic elements of the auto industry and the draped, angular silhouettes of the city’s weathered buildings against the skyline.

“Resurgence focuses on the rise and fall of the city, what it represented to America in its heydey — Motown, the auto industry and how inevitably it will come back around," the designer says.

"I wanted to create awareness about Detroit's unique culture, history and its current state. Through my work, I'd like people to see the possibility of the city being something of value once again.”

Son Jung Wan

Inspiration: "This season I was inspired by Morocco and the romantic, picturesque sun-drenched Sahara Desert. It is such a mysterious place where you can wander, get lost, and find peace and beauty."

Dennis Basso

Inspiration: "Hollywood goddesses Ava Gardner, Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth and Sophia Loren embodied the strength, allure and elegance that has inspired my 30th anniversary spring/summer collection."

Misha Nonoo of Nonoo

Inspiration: "The spring 2014 collection is inspired by the freedom and motion associated with Gerhard Richter's work blended with the colors and stateliness of the English countryside."

Oskar Metsavaht for Osklen

Inspiration: "For spring/summer 2014, I got the inspiration from the gemstone's cuts, colors, brightness and transparency."

Pamella Roland

Inspiration: Inspired by her recent trip to the Cannes Film Festival, Roland has created a collection for spring 2014 that captures the glamour and energy of the star-studded French Riviera as it was in the 1960s.

Elie Tahari

Inspiration: Inspired by the architecture of Brasilia with the contrast of strong linear shapes against graceful curves.

Novis by Jordana Warmflash

Inspiration: Novis Spring 2014 is inspired by midcentury modern architecture and furniture design. The influence is translated into the collection through use of clean silhouettes, angular seaming details, sharp colors, geometric prints and layering of fabrics.

Whitney Pozgay of WHIT

Inspiration: Botanical overload.