Famous Austinite Halloween Costumes

Our 7 favorite Austinites turned Halloween costumes

Our 7 favorite Austinites turned Halloween costumes

Thong Cyclist Naked Bike Rider
Like a fine wine, thong guy on a bike just gets better with age. Photo by @HappyMercado/ Instagram
Tim League Alamo Drafthouse
Pair up with a friend and be "texting Madonna" and "pissed off Tim League." Photo by Jessica Pages
Romeo Rose and some peacocks
For a fun twist on this Halloween costume, add a peacock! Courtesy of Photo by Romeo Rose/ Sleeplessinaustin.com
Elijah Wood at red carpet premiere of Grand Piano at Fantastic Fest
This newest Austinite deserves his own costume. Photo by Jack Plunkett
Johnny Manziel autograph
If you decide to be Johnny Manziel being kicked out of a frat party, don't forget the stack of pre-signed photos. Photo courtesy of Sporting Life Arkansas
Thong Cyclist Naked Bike Rider
Tim League Alamo Drafthouse
Romeo Rose and some peacocks
Elijah Wood at red carpet premiere of Grand Piano at Fantastic Fest
Johnny Manziel autograph

If you're anything like us, Halloween is a mad scramble to find a costume that is equal parts cheap and clever. So this year we brainstormed ahead of time and came up with a way to turn our favorite Austinites into costumes for 2013. Prices and availability may vary, so make sure to call before heading out to pick up your gear.

Thong guy on bike
Like an albatross that emerges from this mist, the almost-naked thong man riding a bike pops up all over town, appearing when you least expect him and pedaling away long before you have a chance to comprehend what it is that you just saw.

What you'll need:
a. Nude colored bodysuit (American Apparel, $28)
b. Nude colored thong (American Apparel, $10)
c. Bicycle (If you don't own your own, borrow one from a friend. Extra points if it's a beach cruiser.)

Guys that ride horse and mule down South Congress
These guys are the best. Cowboy hats on head, they ride slowly down South Congress to the delight of tourists strolling the avenue. In 2011, they were arrested for DUI on their animals, so extra points if you act really, really drunk.

What you'll need:
a. Cowboy hat (Allen's Boots, $49.99)
b. Vintage pearl snap shirt (Buffalo Exchange, prices vary)
c. Pony head on stick (Toy Joy, $15.95. Note: while currently sold out, Toy Joy does expect its next shipment of pony heads on sticks to arrive well before Halloween.)

Romeo Rose
Ugh, but we had to. There are two routes you can go with this. First, you can wear a pink Oxford shirt and stand with the Austin skyline behind you (a la Sleepless in Austin) or you can go with what we're calling "Classic Romeo," which is arguably a little more time-intensive (but so much more fun!).

What you'll need:
Sleepless in Austin costume:
a. Pink Oxford (Stag, $145)
b. Big, white, fake teeth (Lucy in Disguise, $15.95)
c. Goatee (CVS, Maybelline Expert Eyes Twin Brow and Eye Pencils Light Brown, $3.99)

Classic Romeo Rose:
a. Ruffled shirt (WholesaleHalloweenCostumes.com, $15.90) — You'll need to take one more step to achieve the maximum Romeo effect. Pick up a bottle of maroon Rit fabric dye (we suggest #498) and dye this ruffled bad boy. Just make sure to wash your shirt once before you wear it to avoid embarrassing stains.
b. Guitar (If you don't own one, hey, it's Austin; we're sure you can find someone to lend you a guitar.)
c. Big, white, fake teeth (Lucy in Disguise, $15.95)
d. Goatee (CVS, Maybelline Expert Eyes Twin Brow and Eye Pencils Light Brown, $3.99)

Elijah Wood
Austin's newest A-Lister has been spotted all over town since he arrived a few months ago. Show him some love by rocking this ultimate Elijah look.

What you'll need:

a. Lord of the Rings Hobbit Kit (Target, $26.99)
b. Keep Austin Weird t-shirt (Tyler's, $18.99) — for maximum Elijah Woodiness, wear T-shirt under the cape.

Madonna and Tim League, CEO of Alamo Drafthouse
The ultimate couple costume. Reenact the incident that got Madonna banned for life from Alamo Drafthouse cinemas for all your friends!

What you'll need:
a. Madonna costume (Lucy in Disguise, prices vary)
b. Cell phone (If you don't own one, borrow from a friend)
c. The ability to shout "Enslaver!" at everyone over the course of the night (Free)

Tim League
a. Vintage pearl snap shirt (Buffalo Exchange, prices vary)
b. Silver temporary hair spray (Party City, $2.99)

Old Austin Establishment
Shoes can be such a drag. And so is gentrification! Embody the best of old Austin with this retro costume.

What you'll need:

a. Crystal necklace (Bead It, prices vary) — Make your own crystal necklace; it's much more DIY that way.
b. Oat Willies "Onward thru the fog" T-shirt (Oat Willies, $18)
c. Pre-rolled "joint" (or you can leave off the quotation marks for an even more authentic experience)
d. Birkenstocks (InStep Austin, $89.95)

Johnny Manziel getting kicked out of a frat party
Like Madonna, Johnny Manziel isn't technically an Austinite, but after he was thrown out of a University of Texas at Austin fraternity party in July, it kicked off a firestorm of negative coverage about the Texas A&M quarterback that lasted the rest of the summer and well into the new football season.

What you'll need:

a. Texas A&M jersey (Academy, $59.99)
b. Red Solo cup (HEB, $4.99)
c. Stack of pre-signed Johnny Manziel photographs (locations and prices vary)