Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012
festival fashion

Dress the fest: How to craft your look according to each FFF Fest stage

Want to know how to dress the Fest? Follow our easy Fashion-by-Stage guide:

The Blue Stage is equal parts rap and electronica, hip hop and dance, funky-fresh and hipster. Fusing styles is no easy task, but if done correctly, you’ll be able to get down to STARFKR and De La Soul in the same sneakers.

Bring together the best of both worlds with high-waisted leopard print shorts, an easy jean vest, neon hi-tops and a patterned twisty headwrap.



If one of the stages were to have a legitimate dress code, it would be the Black Stage. Hardcore bands with names like Brutal Truth, Napalm Death and Municipal Waste aren’t messing around — and neither are their fans.

If you want to fully immerse yourself in bellicose Black Stage culture and headbang with complete confidence, you better dress the part.

Don’t be afraid to combine lace, leather and metal studs — think goth motorcylist — with a pop of red that people hopefully mistake for blood.

This outfit is strongly influenced by Gossip-Girl-turned-my-worst-nightmare, Taylor Momsen.

Nothing says comedy like a jumpsuit, am I right? The Yellow Stage is a combination of comedy, performance art, oddity and other. This year, the Yellow Stage will also be home to a few musical sets because the festival has gotten so damn big.

There are no rules on this stage, and the same applies to your outfit. It’s the side of Auditorium Shores where ironic mustaches and mismatched clothing are not only accepted, they’re appreciated.

By mixing colors, textures, and patterns you’re fully embracing the Yellow Stage, and the Yellow Stage will embrace you right back.

Finish this wild look by tying your hair in a messy top knot bun, because if a top knot could talk, it would say “I'm here to have a good time!”


This year, the Orange Stage doesn’t have a very distinct theme, but will be home to some of the festival’s biggest up-and-comers.

At this stage you’ll get to see bands you (might have) already heard of playing catchy songs that are sure to wind up in a car commercial in a couple of months. With the exception of a few, including Friday’s old school headliner, Run DMC, the Orange Stage is letting of some strong indie-pop-rock vibes, so your best bet is to show up looking just really freaking adorable and try and get a wink out of the lead singer of The Head and the Heart.

Put on a simple dress, pullover sweater, scarf, boot combination as a gentle reminder to every one including Mother Nature that it is in fact autumn.

Trying to fit Run DMC in this outfit? It’s tricky.