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Indie gift guide: Local gifts for your kitschy, hip friends

Austin Photo Set: lauren_hipster gifts_dec 2012_pug
Courtesy of Creative Scratchings
Austin Photo Set: lauren_hipster gifts_dec 2012_vuka
Courtesy of Vuka
Austin Photo Set: lauren_hipster gifts_dec 2012_vinca
Courtesy of Vinca
Austin Photo Set: lauren_hipster gifts_dec 2012_jason mashup
Courtesy of Jason Archer
Austin Photo Set: lauren_hipster gifts_dec 2012_dino planter
Courtesy of Plaid Pigeon
Austin Photo Set: lauren_hipster gifts_dec 2012_kong
Courtesy of Kong Screenprinting

It is no secret that Austin is bustling with talented, innovative artists and thinkers whose DIY spirit and eye for style continues to raise the city's indie cred.

If you're having difficulty shopping for the creative urbanite in your life, look no further than the cache of unique, fun and wonderfully kitschy local gifts to chose from.

Whether it's art, jewelry, clothing or furniture, no need to shop big box- Austin artists have you covered. Here are few ideas to get your gift-giving juices flowing.

"The Eastside Zoo"

You've probably seen Creative Scratchings' artwork around town: Her anthropomorphic hipster animals can be seen at Another Broken Egg Cafe and her rap icon collection (imagine ODB with glitter teeth) at Opal Divine's.

"The Eastside Zoo" collection features various animals such as raccoons, armadillos, giraffes, dogs and squirrels dressed as your favorite East Austin hipsters. We all know how much you hate hipsters, but how could you punch a hipster pug in the face, huh? HUH? Look how cute he is! Pug puncher! Each print is available for $20 on Creative Scratchings' Etsy page.


Dwarf Yaupon Chandeliers

Located in the Bouldin Creek area, Vuka Co-op is a combination event space, co-working space and furniture store, torn straight from the pages of Dwell Magazine.

The 6,800 square-foot warehouse is outfitted head to toe with chic re-purposed, vintage and restored furniture including Air Force tables, UT lab desks, benches from New York City train depots, rustic Mexican doors and Japanese farmhouse screens all available for purchase.

Walking through the front door you're greeted with a visual feast, but the items that arguably stand out the most are the Dwarf Yaupon Chandeliers. Created from the limbs of hobbits Created from stunted Yaupon trees and affixed with industrial lights, these works of art range from $300-$900. Learn more about the furnishings available at Vuka's online store.


Austin Skyline Pendant

Vinca Jewelry is the brainchild of designer Amanda Dimova. The quirky jewelry line, located in Hyde Park, is about as adorable as 1,000 kitten photos. Every piece, whether it's acrylic, wood or precious metal, is designed and cut in-house with the help of Dimova's kick-butt team.

It's easy to fall in love with each item (full disclosure: the author enjoys wearing her mustache ring a little too much), but Dimova's beautiful Austin skyline pendant made from birch wood stands out as the most wholly local. The necklace is available for $38 on Vinca's online store.

"Marfa Mashup"

Local artist Jason Archer has a knack for creating wall candy; his pop-culture minimalist prints are a popular attraction at E.A.S.T. (Drew Barrymore is a fan!) and can be seen hanging at various establishments around town.

At this year's E.A.S.T., Archer featured his "Marfa Mashup" collection, iconic photos from Marfa-set films such as Giant and No Country for Old Men juxtaposed with landmarks of the area, including Marfa Prada, Donald Judd's various works and West Texas wind turbines. Jett Rink never goes out of style.

A set of two prints is $500 and can be purchased by contacting the artist through his website.


Dinosaur Planters

They may be extinct, but dinosaurs still serve an excellent purpose as succulent planters.

Popular amongst various design and lifestyle blogs, Plaid Pigeon, "the original toy planter" company, features succulent-stuffed plastic dinosaurs and mammals perfect for the green thumb or dino-loving adult kid in your life.

Each planter is christened with an appropriate old person's name ("Betty the Styracosaurus") and is just waiting to be adopted. Planters range from $15-$30 and can be purchased through the Plaid Pigeon website.


"Welcome to Austin" T-shirt

Since a new study shows that 60,000 Californians moved to Texas in 2011, this shirt couldn't be any more apropos.

Though the shirt is essentially one giant "F Off!" to transplants, it still showcases the cordialness of Austinites in saying both "Welcome to Austin" and "Please don't move here".

Though I don't condone anti-transplant behavior, between the recent construction, condo-building and traffic, sometimes you just need a t-shirt to say the words boiling within your loins.

The shirt is $20 and can be purchased on the Kong Screenprinting website.