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Houston's iconic downtown Macy's is shuttering, leaving a huge retail hole in the city

Macy's Downtown [Closed]
Get Directions - 1110 Main St. Houston

Houston's downtown Macy's — a massive, albeit somewhat outdated anchor in a part of the city with few shopping options — has been slated for extinction.

The Macy's on Main Street, which dates back to 1947 (first opening as a Foley's), is one of six Macy's that the department store giant is closing across the United States. Included in those are big stores in downtown St. Paul, Minn. and downtown Honolulu as well as a store in Las Vegas.

In a statement the company says that it is selectively closing "underperforming stores."

It is unsure what will become of the 791,000 square foot building that is a significant presence downtown. The 138 workers at the store are also facing an uncertain future. Macy's says some may be offered positions at other stores.

Clearance sales will begin at the the downtown Houston Macy's on Monday and last up to 11 weeks.

Come back to CultureMap for more information on the closure as it develops. 

What memories do you have of the iconic Macy's building? Tell us in the comment section below.

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