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Man on a lucky streak wins keys to a new Cadillac at CultureMap Close-up Music Series

Dietmar Lambertz
Dietmar Lambertz and his wife, Danielle, in front of their new Cadillac ATS luxury sports sedan, which Dietmar won after entering a contest at the CultureMap Close-up Music Series. Photo by Jerry McClure
Cadillac gave away a 2013 Cadillac ATS luxury sports sedan in its photo share contest. Photo by Jerry McClure
Dietmar Lambertz
Dietmar Lambertz appeared on Good Morning Texas on March 26 to claim his prize.  Photo by Jerry McClure
Dietmar Lambertz
Dietmar Lambertz of Dallas with his new Cadillac. Photo by Jerry McClure
Dietmar Lambertz
Dietmar Lambertz
Dietmar Lambertz

Dietmar Lambertz is on a bit of a lucky streak. First, he won a Christmas raffle at his office in December. Then he won a Cadillac at a CultureMap Dallas' event in March. Seriously. 

CultureMap and Cadillac pulled out all the stops for its first-ever Close-up Music Series event featuring the Airborne Toxic Event, who played intimate concerts in Dallas, Austin and Houston. In Dallas, Metroplex Cadillac Dealership brought its photo share contest to 7 Senses on March 7, and Lambertz posted a photo of the car on Twitter to enter. 

"No one thinks they are going to win a car, but somehow it happens," says Lambertz, who was presented with the keys to his 2013 Cadillac ATS luxury sports sedan on March 26 on Good Morning Texas.  

Lambertz also encouraged his wife and sister to enter the contest. But when he told his wife that he'd won, she thought he was kidding.

"They were pretty skeptical. It's kind of crazy that I actually won," says the still-shocked Lambertz. "Everything was great at the event — free food and drinks — and then a car on top of that? It was definitely a bonus."

If you're feeling lucky, Cadillac's photo share contest runs through May 31. 

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