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The taco emoji lives! Local developer launches genius Taco Text app

regular taco Taco Text emoji
Thanks to local developers XOXCO, Austinites can finally communicate exclusively through taco emojis. Photo courtesy of XOXCO, Inc.
breakfast taco Taco Texas emoji
If someone asks what you would like for breakfast, you now have the perfect, succinct response. Photo courtesy of XOXCO, Inc.
regular taco Taco Text emoji
breakfast taco Taco Texas emoji

Earlier this summer, we railed against the grand injustice that was the lack of a taco emoji. But the city of Veracruz All Natural and Tamale House East now has something to text about thanks to local techies who took it upon themselves to help us all share our love of tacos.

XOXCO is an Austin-based company that specializes in developing apps and web products — and now tacos. As Eater reported, the developers have announced a new mobile app, Taco Text, in a tweet that hopes to rally support from taco lovers everywhere.

Currently available to download for iPhones, Taco Text allows you to pick from four different kinds of tacos to text to friends: a regular taco with lettuce and tomato, a bacon breakfast taco, a fish taco and a mysterious pixilated taco. While the four tacos may not sound like much, they at least cover the major taco food groups.

Justice has finally been served inside of a digital, crispy taco shell.

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