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Still no flying car, but Star Trek warp speed is possible, according to NASA

Still no flying car, but Star Trek warp speed is possible, according to NASA

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A ring-shaped warp drive device could transport a football-shape starship (center) to effective speeds faster than light. The concept was first proposed by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre. Graphic by Harold White

Let me tell you my No. 1 complaint about science fiction: Nothing from the future ever materializes.

I have no hoverboard, no flying car, no three-hour workday a la George Jetson (unless you count time on Pinterest as not working, which, you know, whatever), and while I do have a robot that cleans my house, it's not sassy. Lame.

Luckily scientists in Houston are finally focusing on ways to make science fiction a science reality. Physicists at this month's 100 Year Starship Symposium, sponsored by NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, said that warp-speed travel created by bending the space-time continuum (you know, like they did in Star Trek) could be possible.

As described in,

A warp drive would manipulate space-time itself to move a starship, taking advantage of a loophole in the laws of physics that prevent anything from moving faster than light. A concept for a real-life warp drive was suggested in 1994 by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre; however, subsequent calculations found that such a device would require prohibitive amounts of energy.

Previously proposed warp drives resembled "a football-shape spacecraft attached to a large ring encircling it," with the ring causing space-time to warp around the ship, allowing a craft to move up to 10 times the speed of light — that's 6.7 billion miles per hour.

But Harold "Sonny" White of the Johnson Space Center said that if the ring is shaped more like a "rounded donut" then a mass the size of the Voyager 1 probe could potentially power it.

"The findings I presented... change it from impractical to plausible and worth further investigation," White told

Now if only someone could get to work on making teleportation possible so I could avoid traffic in town...