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Our favorite apps ensure you never eat another bad meal or pay a hefty price for it

Evernote Food
Sometimes we just sit and stare at Evernote Food. It's not creepy when something is this beautiful. Photo by Jonathan Rienstra
Chefs Feed Dallas app
Chefs Feed gives you the lowdown on the favorite dishes of the best chefs. They may know a thing or two about good food.  Photo courtesy of Chefs Feed
Alfred Restaurant App
Alfred listens to you and recommends restaurants for whatever mood you're in. And then it will gain sentience and destroy the world. But that's a ways off.  Photo by Jonathan Rienstra
Evernote Food
Chefs Feed Dallas app
Alfred Restaurant App

We love our food here at CultureMap. And with so many great restaurants around, it’s always a culinary journey. Whether it’s one of the hottest new spots or a tiny little secret, we’re always interested.

To keep up, we’ve turned to our smartphones. Here now are our favorite food-related apps and a few to help us battle that post-meal bulge. You will not find Yelp on here, because that’s the Two and a Half Men of food apps.

If you need a jumping off point, Chefs Feed will put you in good company. Get the inside scoop on where the best chefs like to eat with this gorgeous app that not only lists the best dishes in town, but also helps you find whatever you’re in the mood for. (Free for iOS)

Alfred is perfect for those moments when you’re just not sure where to dine. The app learns your habits over time and recommends new places. It’s up to you to teach it your favorites, but from there Alfred is quite good at reading your mind. Almost too good. (Free for iOS, Android)

 It’s up to you to teach it your favorites, but from there Alfred is quite good at reading your mind.

But some of these restaurants are fancy, and fancy means you can’t just stop by whenever you feel like it. OpenTable helps you find reservations at all the places you want to be. Its simple search function helps you snag that last-minute table, but we’re still not sure it’ll ever help you get a reservation at Dorsia. (Free for iOS, Android)

We love Evernote for keeping us sane, but Evernote Food takes it to another level with a layout that encourages discovery. You can save each meal to the app and share them. Not only that, but you can find recipes from all over the web for the nights when you feel like staying in. (Free for iOS, Android)

Look, we’re not all mathematicians; conversions in cooking and baking can befuddle even the best. That’s why we turn to a Converter to help us figure out how many teaspoons are in a cup. There are plenty of conversion apps out there, but we just like this one. (Free for iOS, Android)

With all the food going in your belly, it’s natural that a few pounds might find their way to places you don’t want them. Burn off some calories with PushUps PRO. PushUps tracks your progress through a training regimen designed to get you to 100 push-ups in a row. These are real push-ups with nose to the ground and everything. ($.99 for iOS, Android)

RunKeeper is an in-depth cardio app designed to get you to your goals, whether that’s lose weight, increase endurance or train for a race. It’s not even limited to running, as you can measure your distance and calories for activities from cycling to snowboarding. (Free for iOS, Android)

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