Tour Austin's Modern Homes

A first look at this weekend's Modern Home Tour Austin

The Modern Home Tour Austin, held Saturday, February 1, is a carefully crafted exhibition of 13 homes featuring the finest in Austin modernism. 

CultureMap chatted with Ingrid Spencer, curator of the tour, about modernism in Austin, her favorite trends and what to expect from this year's featured architecture. Spencer, who worked for Architectural Record in New York before moving to Austin, has been in charge of seeking out the city's best modern homes for the past seven years.

Her love of modernism is an extension of her love of architecture and, perhaps even more so, her love of architects. "I love that they have this mix of science and art to create," says Spencer.

Tickets for the self-guided tour are $30. They can be purchased here. Here, Spencer offers a little insight into her picks for this year's tour.

314 Ridgewood Road


314 Ridgewood Rd. dining room and kitchen

700 West Monroe living room

Spencer on designing for multiple generations: "This home is a great example of "aging in place." It's details like that I want people to see. You get this rare opportunity to see into people's lives. [This is] a house [designed] for multiple generations to in mind.

700 West Monroe pool

Spencer on curating the homes: "Location is really important. There are so many different examples of modernism, we try and not show a group of houses that are similiar. We try to mix it up a bit."

1010 Juniper Street

1021 West Milton Street

1500 Oxford Avenue kitchen

On trends: "This year I'm seeing a lot of integration between indoors and out. [The architects] are opening [the spaces] to elements and light. It's a really fascinating trend."


1911 Cliff Street, Unit 3

2017 Hamilton Avenue

2017 Hamilton Avenue kitchen

2601 Pickwick Lane

On what makes Austin unique:  "Austin has its own little things  — the authenticity of materials, limestone, things like that. But it's also so hot in the summer that architects capture the light in different ways then they would in, say, Southern California. In Austin we need different ways to integrate the light."


​2601 Pickwick Lane living room

2704 Rock Terrace Drive

4503 Oakmont Blvd. kitchen

6709 Vireo Cove Drive

Spencer on space:  [Many of these homes] are in dense urban areas and a little bit smaller than in years past. I like that conservation of space. I think people are realizing that a well designed house doesn't mean a giant house.

6909 Daugherty living room

4902 Tortuga Place living room

"I love modern architecture and my hope is that [the tour will help]people understand it better. And if they have a project in mind, they will see an architect that they like," says Spencer

4902 Tortuga Place