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The top 10 top-notch desserts to enjoy with your sweetheart (or sweet-tooth) at the food trailers this Valentine's Day

The top 10 top-notch desserts to enjoy with your sweetheart (or sweet-tooth) at the food trailers this Valentine's Day

Austin Photo Set: News_Tiffany_sweet food trailers_feb 2012_sweets
Photo by Dan Levine
Austin Photo: Places_Food_holy_cacao_cake_balls
Holy Cacao cake balls Courtesy of Holy Cacao
Austin Photo Set: News_Tiffany_sweet food trailers_feb 2012_lil nookies
Torchy's Tacos Lil' Nookies Courtesy of Torchy's Tacos
Austin Photo Set: News_Tiffany_sweet food trailers_feb 2012_sweets
Austin Photo: Places_Food_holy_cacao_cake_balls
Austin Photo Set: News_Tiffany_sweet food trailers_feb 2012_lil nookies

Did you know that Torchy’s Tacos moves upwards of 6,000 Lil’ Nookies (fried cookie dough) per month? Or that Holy Cacao pushes about 1,000 cake balls a day in sales?

That’s a ton of sweet dough.

Food trailers in Austin are typically known for inventive gourmet menus served out of a kitchen with less elbowroom than a doghouse. This Valentine's Day we are shining a light on the sweetest items on the trailer blackboards — which are equally decadent as the main course best-sellers.  

So do yourself a favor and "get your soul right," as the owner of Sun Farm Kitchens would say, by taking your sweetheart (or sweet-tooth) out for a date at the trailers.

Sweet Potato Fries, served with Cinnamon Chipotle Fondue: Boss Hogs Kitchen
This flavor profile is downright interesting. It actually won "best dipping sauce" for the fry distribution company in 2011, but go see what these sweet and savory flavors can do for your palette.

Fresh Raspberry Chocolate Cannoli: That’s Amore
Originally prepared as a fertility treat during Carnival season in Italy, this classic Italian dessert made its way to the states in the early 1900s. That’s Amore makes their cannoli (plural; ‘cannolo’ is singular) fresh from scratch.  

Smores Frybread: Fat Cactus
The Fat Cactus frybread comes from a traditional Navajo recipe. Normally this trailer makes tacos and pizzas using the frybread, but this Valentine's, they are whipping up melted chocolate, pink and white marshmallows and graham crumbles, morphing their frybread into a hot and filling dessert.

Berry or Chocolate Mousse Cashew Cheesecake: Sun Farm Kitchens
Good and good for you, this creamy cashew body sits on a nut and date crust to give you a beautiful raw, vegan and gluten-free option that tastes as wonderful as it feels.

Lil’ Nookies: Torchy’s Tacos
Torchy’s is synonymous with "tacos" in Austin, but did you know their Lil’ Nookies are also offered year round? Get you some Nookie (deep-fried chocolate chip cookies with powdered sugar and cherries) from one of the 10 locations across Texas.

Angel Balls and Devil Balls (Cake Balls): Holy Cacao
Has your Valentine been nice or naughty? Holy Cacao is offering two forms of their cake balls. Those new to these kinds of balls can expect freshly baked cake mixed with frosting, then rolled into balls, dipped in chocolate and perched atop popsicle sticks. The Angel Balls combine delicious angel food cake with fresh strawberries and butter cream frosting, dipped in white chocolate and topped with message heart. The Devil Balls smother devil's food cake with fresh cherries and butter cream frosting, dipped in dark chocolate and topped with red sprinkles.

Banana Nutella Wontons: The Peached Tortilla
Voted Best Food Truck in Austin by Eater for 2011, the Peached Tortilla Asian fusion truck has a dessert you really should try. Imagine: Wontons stuffed with a banana Nutella mixture, topped with a cajeta cream sauce. 

Coconut Bun: Fresh off the Truck
Though best known for their Asian Fusion cuisine, check out their Coconut Bun with a light, fluffy coconut butter cream center, topped with flakes of shredded coconut. 

Krimpets Signature Sponge Cake: Way South Philly
This handheld sponge cake, both moist and fluffy, can be either accented with Willy’s legendary butterscotch icing or infused with a variety of delicious jellies. 

Rose Ice Cream: Kat’s Ice Cream
This trailer hosts a variety of natural, non-sugary (but still sweet) homemade vegan ice cream. The one flavored with rose water is a divine dessert not to be missed.


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