Hill Country Barbecue

Lamberts Barbecue heads to Wimberley for Argentine-inspired Vaca y Vino steer roasting dinner

Lamberts heads to Wimberley for 2nd annual Vaca y Vino

Barbecue from Lamberts restaurant
Meat from Lamberts Barbecue. Courtesy of Vaca y Vino
Guests gather at Bridges Ranch for Vaca y Vino
2012's Vaca y Vino. Courtesy of Vaca y Vino
Barbecue from Lamberts restaurant
Guests gather at Bridges Ranch for Vaca y Vino

Lamberts Barbecue will forgo its cozy Second Street District setting to set up shop against a Hill Country landscape at its second annual Vaca y Vino celebration. The event, taking place on Sunday, April 21, won't be your typical Sunday supper — it's a five-hour dining extravaganza on the Bridges Rance grounds (1,000 acres of land in Wimberley, Texas), featuring an entire steer as the main course.

Chefs Larry McGuire and Lou Lambert will be found roasting a 1,200 pound steer for the feast, which will be complemented by fine Argentine wine and Texas craft beer.

The idea for Vaca y Vino was inspired by South American chef Francis Mallmann and his recipe for "Una Vaca Entera"  — “the entire cow” — found in his cookbook Seven Fires. “Having both a family cattle operation and a passion for barbecue, we had to try it,” said Lamberts Co-Founder, Will Bridges.

The crew will follow Mallmann's recipe for Sunday's roasting, which will feed a hungry crowd of approximately 300 guests. The menu, while meat focused, will feature a variety of dishes including: empanadas; spring vegetable caldo; warm new potato salad with parsley, mustard and capers; Lamberts sausages; chimichurri and chocotorta.

Proceeds from the Hill Country feast will benefit Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA), a national organization that supports independent farmers and protects a healthy food supply for American consumers. Tickets are available for $100 per person, or $120 per person including transportation to and from the event site.

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