Rockin Ritas

What is Austin's best margarita? Grab your salt shaker and cast your vote

Grab your salt shaker and vote for Austin's best margarita

Austin Photo Set: molly_national margarita day_feb 2013_jack allens kitchen
Jack Allen's Kitchen's Margarita Photo courtesy of Jack Allen's Kitchen

We never need much of an excuse to down a refreshing margarita, and you often only need to walk down the street in Austin to find a good one. Cinco de Mayo is coming up, however, and after drawing up our own list of the best margaritas that Austin bars and restaurants have to offer, CultureMap is asking you to a vote for the most rocking rita in Austin.

Perhaps the main reason the margarita is so ubiquitous now is due to its ability to transform and shape-shift into a wide variety of forms and tastes. Whether you prefer yours frozen, on the rocks, sweet, sour, savory or spicy, this list represents the broad spectrum of flavors available for this Mexican cocktail. 

In our Culture Poll, you can vote for the six finalists:

  • Hopdoddy's Doble Fina Margarita
  • Star Bar's Habanero Margarita
  • Takoba's Mezcarrita
  • Maudie's Frozen Margarita
  • Vivo's House Margarita
  • Jack Allen's Kitchen's Cucumber Jalapeño Rita

We'll announce the winner on Sunday, just in time for weekend sipping and celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Cast your vote today.