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Make Tacos, Not War

San Antonio says Austin is full of a bunch of 'taco posers'

La Condesa Tacos
Did Austin suddenly find itself in the middle of an interstate taco war? Courtesy of La Condesa
Fresa's Chicken al Carbon tacos
Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Austin is truly "taco-crazed" according to new rankings. Fresa's/Facebook
Veracruz All Natural
As long as Veracruz calls Austin home, Austinites have good reason to be so obsessed with tacos. Photo by Veracruz All Natural/ Facebook
La Condesa Tacos
Fresa's Chicken al Carbon tacos
Veracruz All Natural

San Antonio has come out swinging in what could be deemed the "Great Taco War of Interstate 35." On Tuesday, a writer from the San Antonio Current declared that Austin is full of a bunch of "taco posers."

So what exactly drew the ire of San Antonio? Recently the Bat City overtook the River City in a list of the most "Taco-crazed" cities in America. The report, published by Estately, ranked Austin at No. 3, and San Antonio at No. 5 for citizens obsessed with tacos.

 "So how did those taco posers beat the more authentically Mexican city down the road?" the article asks. Well, we have an answer. 

The list takes into account the following statistics: percentage of each city’s restaurants serving tacos, the percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in tacos, and the number of Google searches related to tacos. Now, it's understandable to surprised at the findings: somehow Arlington, Texas ranks No. 1 for taco obsession in the U.S., followed by Fort Worth at No. 2.

But instead of going after our neighbors to the north, San Antonio focuses its frustration solely on Austinites. "So how did those taco posers beat the more authentically Mexican city down the road?" the article asks. Well, we have an answer.

When Austinites aren't busy telling you about our favorite places to drink beer or sip coffee, we're likely waxing poetic about the best places to grab a taco — breakfast or otherwise. Sure, we may go on and on, but it's so hard not to when Veracruz and Tamale House East are always there to start your day.

Here, the announcement of a taco trailer going brick-and-mortar is considered breaking news; and the loss of a taco shop owner — and the subsequent closing of his restaurant — is met with honest grief from the community. Crazed? Perhaps. Posers? No. 

But for now, let's celebrate the fact that the great state of Texas dominates the top 10. We may disagree on the individual rankings, but we can all agree with one thing: "Tacos," as the San Antonio Current stated, "are not an interest; they are a way of life." 

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