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New green H-E-B opens in growing Mueller development

New green H-E-B opens in growing Mueller development

KVUE -- Just five years ago, Austin's Mueller neighborhood was nothing more than an abandoned airport. Today, it's a thriving area of the city, and it's marking a milestone Friday.

This brand new H-E-B grocery store opened at 6 a.m. Friday to the excitement of neighbors. It's part of a booming retail and residential district that has plenty of room to grow.

The Mueller neighborhood makes up about 700 acres in Central East Austin, and developer Catellus estimates it's only one-third finished. About 3,500 people live in the neighborhood, and by the time it's completely developed, about 13,000 will likely live there.

The homes started going up in the shadow of Austin's old airport. In 2007, Catellus had a lottery to offer those who want to live here first dibs on their lots. Today, there are 5,700 single-family homes, apartments and condos at Mueller. They all pay special attention to preserving the future of the neighborhood.

Developers believe Mueller has the highest concentration of rooftop solar panels in the country. All of the homes have to earn at least three stars out of five in Austin Energy¹s Green Building Program.

This H-E-B is an environmental test store and represents the company's greenest effort. The goal is to reduce energy use by 50 percent over a regular grocery store. They recycle everything from cardboard to pharmacy stock bottles, to used cooking oil and meat trimmings.


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H-E-B in Mueller
The Mueller H-E-B opened on Friday morning. Courtesy of KVUE News