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Long-awaited foodie paradise from Lenoir owners opens this Sunday

Metier Cook's Supply
Métier Cook's Supply opens Sunday, August 2.  Courtesy of Metier Cook's Supply
Metier Cook's Supply
The space will feature an expanding selection of books.  Courtesy of Metier Cook's Supply
Metier Cook's Supply
Métier’s abode will operate as a resource for chefs and savvy home cooks.  Courtesy of Metier Cook's Supply
Metier Cook's Supply
Métier’s abode is a chic house next door to Lenoir. Courtesy of Metier Cook's Supply
Metier Cook's Supply
Metier Cook's Supply
Metier Cook's Supply
Metier Cook's Supply

When a culinary power couple like Jessica Maher and Todd Duplechan of the nationally acclaimed Lenoir decide to branch out with a new business venture, it’s something worth paying attention to. After months of renovation, design and ordering supplies, the duo will debut the much-anticipated store, Métier Cook's Supply, this Sunday, August 3.

“Todd and I are the type of couple that when we slow down we get super panicked,” Maher says. “We weren’t ready to do another restaurant yet, and this was a project we had been thinking about for a while. Nothing like this is available in Austin, and with all that’s going on in the [food] community, we realized this was something that was greatly needed.”

Métier’s abode, a chic house next door to Lenoir, will operate as a resource for both fine dining chefs and savvy home cooks, featuring a selection of hard-to-find artisan knives, new and vintage cookbooks, chefs' apparel, cast-iron cookware and an assortment of other resourceful utensils and supplies.

“We wanted to create something that would serve people in the industry and people who simply love cooking,” Maher says. “Métier is meant to replicate the stores we remember in New York — places where you could get your hands on these amazing products right away and not have to order online and wait days or weeks.”

In addition to selling rare gizmos and gadgets like custom rolling pins, wooden cake stands and Houston-based Serenity Knives, the store also plans to be a gathering space for Austin's evolving culinary community. Maher hopes to eventually feature baked goods like croissants and scones and beverages from Casa Brasil Coffees in the store. Another significant feature is the well-curated cookbook selection, which will be further enhanced by visiting authors in the coming months. Tim Byres of Smoke Restaurant in Dallas, Dan Barber of Blue Hill in New York and Jeffrey Morgenthaler, author of The Bar Book, are some of the names on the calendar.  

“I’m really excited about the prospect of hosting dinners, demos and industry discounts through Métier,” Maher says. “We want to create something that is normally a luxury to be more affordable.”  

Much like Lenoir, Métier’s design is one of its strongest suits. McCray & Co., the same team that designed Lenoir, worked to create Métier's approachable feel. “Our approach to the design of Métier was very much about keeping it simple and within the vernacular of home,” Chris McCray, designer and co-owner of McCray & Co., says. “The building itself was once a home, so instead of adding layers, we tried to instead peel back to expose the bones of the building. The structure is made out of beautiful heart pine, fir and oak. A lot of what we did was about celebrating what was already there.”

Using reclaimed, antique Texas materials, the team incorporated accessories like fruit crates from the Texas Basket Company and an old checkout counter from Tyler, Texas. They worked with local craftsmen like Bill Brasier, Little Mule Studio, Gary Green, Evan Voyles and Blue Sky to weave every meaningful detail together. “At Lenoir, we use peacock blue as an accent color to brighten and engage in the nighttime destination,” McCray says. “For Métier, a daytime destination, we used a warmer tone as an accent to create more of a homey feel.”

Métier Cook's Supply opens Sunday, August 3, from 11 am to 7 pm. The opening event will feature live music, food from Lenoir and cocktails from the Tipsy Texan. For more information on Métier Cook's Supply, please visit the store’s website.

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