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The beloved Odd Duck to reopen as 120-seat restaurant

The beloved Odd Duck to reopen as 120-seat restaurant

Austin Photo: Places_Food_Odd_Duck_Farm_to_Trailer
Photo by Maggie's Austin
Odd Duck restaurant in Austin
Austin Photo: Places_Food_Odd_Duck_Farm_to_Trailer

The Odd Duck prevails!

The December 2011 closure of the beloved trailer left those with a refined pallet mourning. But on Tuesday, we received official word that Bryce Gilmore's Odd Duck concept will reopen as a brick and mortar restaurant by the same name in the spring of 2013.

And as fate would have it, The Odd Duck will open within the very development that took ownership of the South Lamar lot last winter — the Gibson Flats by Ardent Residential

“It was our sincere hope that we could help bring The Odd Duck back to its original home,” said Brett Denton and Art Carpenter, Principals of Ardent, in an official press release. “We passed on multiple chains to work with Bryce and his team.”

The new 120-seat Odd Duck will serve lunch, dinner and late night, as well as remain committed to supporting local farmers by creating "a rustic and casual atmosphere with simple and fresh, yet innovative cuisine."

“One of our proudest accomplishments is supporting local farmers," said Gilmore in the same release, "and now we’ll have the capability to support even more farms with the additional volume."