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Texans' love of tequila doesn't translate to more hangovers

Texans' love of tequila doesn't translate to more hangovers

tequila shots
Texans prefer shots of tequila to anything else and will chase it down with either a Bud Light or margarita.

New national data from a hangover solutions company finds that in a land of lushes, Texas is pretty average overall. The study, put together by Blowfish for Hangovers, a concoction that’s actually acknowledged by the FDA to shorten hangovers, looked state by state for drinking rates, hangover rates and favorite drinks.

The results show that Texas is No. 27 in the country when it comes to imbibing. That’s a good or bad thing depending on your viewpoint, but it appears that we can hold our liquor pretty well, as Texas scored 39th in hangovers. (A higher number means fewer hangovers.)

The team at Blowfish even delved into favorite beers, cocktails and shots and came away with not terribly surprising answers for Texas. Our favorite beer is Bud Light, and although we enjoy sipping on margaritas more than any other cocktail, we enjoy mimosas — holla at cha brunch — and vodka cranberrys, too.

Our shot selection is strong, as Texans go for the tequila first and foremost. It’s a bold move, but then Lemon Drops are second, followed by Jaegerbombs.

As for the winners and losers, Maine imbibes more drinks per week than any other state and yet still ranks only 42nd for hangovers. South Dakota is the teetotaliest state at No. 51.

When it comes to hangovers, it seems the lobbyists in D.C. are constantly chasing away Mr. Scary, as they have more hangovers per capita than anyone else, which isn’t all that surprising considering they drink the fifth most.

Vermont has the fewest hangovers of anyone despite ranking 13th in drinking, which means that clearly New England has a hangover cure that absolutely works. We must invade it and learn its secrets.