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Pennsylvania brewery Sly Fox changes the world with 360 Lid

Pennsylvania brewery Sly Fox changes the world with 360 Lid

You guys. Look at this can top. Take it in. Savor it. The whole f’ing top comes off.

From the demigods at Sly Fox Beer in Pennsylvania comes the greatest evolution in canned beer since the stay-tab. And if that invention was the blunderbuss of cans, this is the Colt .45. This is how the West is won, y’all.

Your canned craft beers can now breathe properly, and you’ll be able to gulp in true style. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before college students figure out a new drinking game. Industrious people, those college students.

Dubbed the 360 Lid, Sly Fox is rolling it out on its Helles Golden Lager before moving on to other cans. Right now, Sly Fox is only available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware. But we’re hopeful people at CultureMap.

Hopeful that Sly Fox will become the most popular brewery in the country and the 360 Lid will be available in every 7-Eleven.

Essentially, we’ll be talking about beer in pre- and post-360 Lid eras. The game done changed.  

Sly Fox 360 Lid
One day you'll tell your kids where you were when you first heard about the 360 Lid.  Sly Fox Beer/Facebook