giving back

Texas River School's Amplify Austin fundraiser includes full day of events aimed to keep kids & rivers healthy

The Texas River School welcomed all to a day-long fundraiser as a part of the first ever Amplify Austin, which raised over $2 million dollars for the Central Texas nonprofit community in only 24 hours.

Dedicated to keeping kids and rivers healthy, Texas River School creates a classroom from the waterways. 

President Doug Roberson, Trip Leader Terry Hedrick, Founder and Executive Director Joe Kendall, Board of Directors Member Kat Stowe, supporter and conservationist Charlie Morton, Trip Leader Spider De Victoria.

Bruce Salmon, Barbara Kooyman and Gerald Torres play for guests at the Texas River School.

Some of the Texas River School’s many canoes.

Barbara Kooyman serves biscuits and gravy in the morning.

The Texas River School Office.

Founder and Executive Director of the Texas River School Joe Kendall.

Founder and Executive Director Joe Kendall and Thayer McCaffree.

Barbara Aldis, Joy Gooden and Carole Moody.

“The East Side Flash” and Kathy.

Brenda Lindsey, Jennifer Ostarch and Robbie Luetch.

Linda Overton-Kendall and Spider De Victoria embrace.

Gerald Torres.