ATX Best of 2013
an epic party

CultureMap's Close-up Music Series kicks off SXSW in style with exclusive Airborne Toxic Event performance

Kicking off SXSW in style, CultureMap's Close-up Music Series, in partnership with Cadillac, was a party for the ages. 

The Airborne Toxic Event rocked the The Moody Theater, as Ultimat vodka cocktails flowed, and party-goers danced the night way.


The Airborne Toxic Event.

Cadillacs grace the floor of the Moody Theater.

From left: Justin Vrosig and Ailish Condon.

From left: Janan Ghaddar and Hollis Schade.

Nasya Kamrat, left, Brandon Gredler, Oscar Llarena and Rafael Cubela.

Timothy James, left, Karen Kelly and Jason Berkowitz.

 From left: Arnold and Bridgette.

From left: Jessica Ruiz and Jenn Taussig.

From left: Nicole Basham and Erika Humke.

From left: Allegra Kaough and Jake Hollomon.

Diane and Matt Prince.

DJ Ulovei.

The Airborne Toxic Event.

The crowd enjoys the Airborne Toxic Event's powerful performance.

The Airborne Toxic Event.

The Airborne Toxic Event.