who let the dogs out

Man's best friend gets a little weirder at the Annual Easter Pet Parade benefiting Austin Pets Alive!

Dogs from all walks of life came together for the 13th Annual Easter Pet Parade early Saturday afternoon. This year's parade celebrated Austin Icon and South Congress regular, Leslie Cochran.

Chris Perez & her dog Leslie. This was one of many dogs sporting thongs in the afternoon sun.

K Deckard with her dog, Lady, just before the parade began.

Marsha Caven & Ace. Caven adopted Ace when he was 7 years old, and said he's the best dog she has ever had. 

The parade marched up South Congress to Jo's Coffee House for the costume contest.

Whit Smith & Blossom. Whit is the guitarist in the local band Hot Club of Cow Town, and they went on to take third in the contest.

Joyce Hayes shows off her dog's costume. It is based on the A&E TV character Billy the Exterminator. He releases all of the animals he captures.

Jill with Carly (that's the dog).

Monica Kortsha & Bode. Bode is a Chinese Crested. 

Leteisha & Frank.

Billy the Exterminator came in second. 

This dog was dressed as Napoleon Dynamite, and he made it into the final five. 

Ruby was dressed as a "Spring & Easter explosion."

Watching the competition.

Elvis was dressed as Lady Gaga, and his hobbies include begging.

Jackie with her dog Bela, aka Pinky La Poo. Jackie & Bela won the costume contest.

Mr. Pants is an Austin Pets Alive success story. Pants was scheduled for euthanasia in San Antonio for viciousness, however he was the exact opposite on Saturday.

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