Citizen Generation Closes

Citizen Generation folds in the wake of Alex Winkelman's resignation

Citizen Generation folds in the wake of Alex Winkelman's resignation

After five years spent bolstering Austin's young philanthropic community, Citizen Generation is closing its doors. The news comes as a reaction to the announcement that the nonprofit's founder and executive director, Alex Winkelman, has resigned from the organization. 

News of Winkelman's departure broke on Tuesday evening in a piece by Austin American-Statesman reporter Michael Barnes. Winkelman and Citizen Generation quickly followed the story with a press release discussing the decision.

"It is with a very heavy heart that I step away from an organization that has been my life’s work for the last five years," said Winkelman in the release. "I am immensely proud of what Citizen Generation has accomplished and the 67 organizations we have helped."

The volunteer board of Citizen Generation decided to fold the nonprofit in the wake of Winkelman's departure. Over the next year, the board will work with Winkelman to close the books and establish a beneficiary for any funds lefts over. During its tenure, Citizen Generation raised more than $1 million in support of 67 organizations; $561,000 in grant money was also distributed. 

As for the future of cultivating young philanthropists in Austin, the board members remains positive. "Citizen Generation successfully fulfilled its mission by engaging a new generation of philanthropists," said board member Doug Ulman in the release.

"The impact of the organization will be felt for many years as young people are now actively involved in so many worthy organizations and causes. Alex's leadership was instrumental in making this happen."

Charitybash Benefit Christina Shipley and Alex Winkelman
Alex Winkelman (right), with Christina Shipley.  Photo by Jon Shapley
Charity Bash in Austin 1551
Citizen Generation is folding in the wake of its founder's resignation.  Photo by Jon Shapley