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East Side collective Maison d'Etoile celebrates third anniversary in style

East Side collective Maison d'Etoile celebrated its three-year anniversary on Sunday with live music, drinks, food and a raffle with prizes from each part of the collective. The space is made up of Charm School Vintage, Salon d'Etoile and Coco Coquette.

The party was also a fundraiser to help make Maison d'Etoile a legitimate commercial space in the eyes of the city and keep the collective up and running for many years to come.

Maison d'Etoile owners: Allyson Garro of Coco Coquette, Johanna Esper and Charlotte Belle of Salon d'Etoile, and Shari Gerstenberger of Charm School Vintage.

Jacquelyn Veliz and Brittany Keen.

Mary Wallis and Bekah DuBose.

Charm School Vintage.

Charm School Vintage sales associate, Blakesley King.

Feverbones plays the party.

Chris Franks, left, Ryan Haight, Chris Brennand and Laura Ruiz.

Andy Campbell, left, Sara Ostivar and Emily Larson.

Christopher Cox, left, Josh Huck and Matt Hines.

Kelly Dugan, left, Laura McNairy and Marissa Abramson.

Chris Catelena of Chris Catelena and the Native Americans plays atop his van.

 Chris Catelena and the Native Americans.

Fiona Robinson and Mark Bonus.

Andrea Kurth and Marissa Liana.

Erin Freeman and Wendy Bykowski.

Love Inks.

Love Inks.