Holiday spirit

HEB's Feast of Sharing brings a holiday meal and joy to all

HEB's Feast of Sharing brought families and volunteers together for one of the largest gatherings of holiday cheer. A holiday meal was prepared and served while participants enjoyed music, dance and entertainment. The Feast of Sharing benefits over 250,000 residents of Texas, covering over 23 communities. This Tuesday, November 22 the Feast of Sharing took place at the Palmer Events Center, bringing delicious dishes and goodwilll to all.

Volunteers came out in droves to joined HEB and Hands on Central Texas serve a holiday meal.

Servers delivered a Thanksgiving meal to the diners.

Dancers took to the stage to perform during dinner.

Graceful steps of the Latin dancers.

A singer serenaded the audience of feast-goers and volunteers. 

Diners of all ages enjoyed the food and performances.

Holiday cheer by the spoonful.

Feast of Sharing.

A group of volunteers passed out the approximately 3,000 pounds of sliced turkey.

Families and friends gathered around the table, enjoying food and company.

A choir performed for the families, volunteers and diners.

About 750 pumpkin pies were served for dessert.

Enough pumpkin pie for everyone.

Music, joy and goodwill helped ring in another successful HEB Feast of Sharing.