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Work out for free with Roamfit, Austin's newest fitness app

Work out for free with Roamfit, Austin's newest fitness app

Austin Photo Set: News_arden_roamfit_jan 2013_running
Find a new fitness movement at Roamfit. Courtesy of thebeautybit
Austin Photo Set: News_arden_roamfit_jan 2013_site
The roamfit site. Courtesy of Roamfit
Austin Photo Set: News_arden_roamfit_jan 2013_running
Austin Photo Set: News_arden_roamfit_jan 2013_site

“We live in Austin, one of the most outdoor/nature-oriented cities in the world, yet folks are paying $150-plus a month to do fitness indoors,” says Drew Bridges of what is most accurately described as Austin’s free fitness plight.

To combat the Capital City's indoor fitness identity, Bridges and friend Ajay Mody developed Roamfit, a web-based app whose mission is to make fitness “fun, accessible and transparent.”

“I had just moved to Austin and didn’t know where the best places to workout for free were,” Bridges says. At the same time, Mody, who was injured in a taxi accident, was transitioning from rehabilitation programs to creating a fitness program of his own. The two joined forces on an innovative fitness platform that could meet their varying needs.

“We both put our heads together to create a fitness discovery web application,” Bridges says. Mody and Bridges launched Roamfit in September, a web tool where locals can find fitness options (free and paid), then register for classes and review the experience to benefit others. “What we’ve created is like a, but for the fitness industry,” he says.

Roamfit is a one-stop shop for fitness opportunities, where you can filter results by type, location and cost. To use the tool, create a free account at, then start exploring the many fitness options — from sport climbing and paddling to yoga and dance. The site is relatively new and blends user-generated content with merchant data, so results will become more refined as more people start reviewing.

While the central focus of Roamfit is a web hub for fitness, founders Bridges and Mody also host free workouts three times a week that anyone can join.

“We wanted to motivate more people to work out,” says Bridges, “so we created a free workout series that meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday before work at 6:30 a.m.” The workouts take place at different locations downtown, each offering high intensity interval training that can benefit athletes of any sport.

Each week starts with a Hill/Obstacle Run on Monday, followed by a Sieze the Garage workout (read: run stairs) on Wednesday and closes out with Capitol Circuits on Friday. Roamfit Movement workouts are cost- and signup-free — the only requirement is your commitment to getting up and moving first thing in the morning.

Whether it's helping you discover an empowering new class in town, or providing you with a free chance to start the day with some serious calorie burning, Roamfit might be just your ticket to fitness discovery in 2013.


For more information on free workouts, visit To sign up for the Roamfit app at