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Austin chosen as venue for 2013 World Finals of F1 in Schools

Austin has been chosen as the venue for the 2013 World Finals of the prestigious F1 in Schools championship by the FIA, the governing body of the world motorsport.

The decision was made to host the ninth annual championship in downtown Austin the week before the US Grand Prix in recognition of the warm welcome Formula One was given in Texas last November.

“From the moment I arrived in Austin I was welcomed with open arms," said F1 in Schools Chairman Andrew Denford. "The city, the circuit and the local government were right behind us with their support for bringing F1 in Schools to the State of Texas. They understand the value of reaching out to the younger F1 audience and a wider fan base of young people and the F1 in Schools World Finals will sit very neatly with the ambitions of Austin.”

 “We expect strong home grown competition this year!  SAE International is thrilled that the F1 in Schools World Finals will be held in the United States in 2013...” - Matt Miller

The series has seen championship showdowns hosted in such exotic locations as London, Melbourne, Singapore and Abu Dhabi in previous years.

Austin has the distinction of being the first location in either North or South America to be awarded the right to host the international final, which will see teams from 33 different countries competing for the much sought-after prize.

Those in the winning team are awarded a scholarship to the City University, London to study for an Automotive and Motorsport Engineering Degree.

Before the final, regional qualification rounds will be held at the Circuit of the Americas on March 23, organized by SAE the body which coordinates F1 in Schools activity in the United States.

The championship went global in 2002, with teams from Pennsylvania and Florida claiming the title in both 2004 and 2010. Perhaps the inaugural final to be held in America could bring a hat-trick of wins to American students.

“We expect strong home grown competition this year! SAE International is thrilled that the F1 in Schools World Finals will be held in the United States in 2013 and cannot imagine a more appropriate venue than Austin, Texas,” said Matt Miller, SAE Foundation Director.

“Circuit of The Americas is pleased that the F1 in Schools World Finals will be held in Austin prior to our Grand Prix," the Circuit's Vice President of Public and Media Relations Julie Loignon said.

"F1 in Schools provides a unique educational platform that leverages Formula 1 and provides students with a chance to apply science, math, technology and engineering subject matter to the live racing action they experience on track. It's a unique and impactful educational experience."

The regional finals are to be held on March 23 as mentioned above, while the World Finals will be over three days in the week before the American Grand Prix in a "downtown Austin conference facility."

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