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Transformation of Lady Bird Lake boardwalk taking shape

Transformation of Lady Bird Lake boardwalk taking shape

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Photo courtesy of The Boardwalk Trail Completion Project

KVUE -- People on the hike and bike trail on the north side of Lady Bird Lake near I-35 watched as construction on the boardwalk trail on the south side took shape.

"We're anxious every time we walk by, to see how they are progressing. We almost count the pillars on the far side of the pier to see how many they are making," Bill Coll said.

Project Manager David Taylor said the structures you see are, "Basically small bridges. There is a pier being poured every 20 feet."

The Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake is a 1.1 mile stretch that will connect the ten mile hike and bike loop. Currently users are detoured to Riverside Drive in this section.

Nearly half of the boardwalk will be over water. It runs from Lakeshore to South Congress.

Taylor said some of the trail over land is also elevated when going through sensitive wetlands. The surface will be made of concrete planks, 15-feet wide and about two to three feet in depth. The elevated sections will have steel handrails.

"In the actual top part of the handrail, there will be a little LED light system that will provide a very low level of lighting along the bridge structure," Taylor said.

A path will also be cleared to Blunn Creek, where it runs near Joe's Crab Shack. This will connect the Travis Heights neighborhood to the trail.

The dog park at Norwood Tract Park will also have access to the trail.


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