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Google says Johnny Manziel is the biggest sports star in Texas

Johnny Manziel is the biggest sports star in Texas

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Johnny Manziel is way more popular than the Dallas Cowboys these days. Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Football has always been the king of sports in Texas. Google reinforces that truth with its average monthly search queries, which show that a quarterback is the most researched athlete in the state right now. He just might not be the quarterback you think. 

As the NFL draft approaches, Johnny Manziel currently holds the title for most Googled athlete in the Lone Star State. Johnny Football has the public eye, plus all of the controversy that comes with it. Meanwhile, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo can take a small break from being the most scrutinized player in this part of the country.

 As the NFL draft approaches, Johnny Manziel currently holds the title for most Googled athlete in the Lone Star State.

 However, Google now reports that the Cowboys are not even in the top five most searched NFL teams. Dallas currently ranks behind Denver, Seattle, New England, San Francisco, Minnesota and Green Bay in terms of Google search queries — and the top three teams more than double the Cowboys’ output.  Two weeks ago, Jerry Jones announced rather confidently that despite the lack of on-field success, his Cowboys were still the most popular team in the NFL. There is some validity to this claim, as a Harris poll from six months ago does back up his assertion.

Now that an entire generation of Texans has come of age while witnessing exactly one playoff win by the Cowboys, the team will most likely fall further behind in significance, unless on-field fortunes change. The likelihood of that happening is currently not trending upward.

Meanwhile, Manziel will probably tumble out of the state’s top spot once the NFL draft concludes — unless he ends up going to the Texans or Cowboys.