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Did Johnny Manziel get kicked out of a University of Texas frat party?

Did Johnny Manziel get kicked out of a UT Austin frat party?

The interwebs are all atwitter with rumors that Texas A&M sophomore quarterback Johnny Manziel got kicked out of a frat party at the University of Texas in Austin on July 26.

Curry Shoff uploaded a video on YouTube showing a person he says is Manziel in a pink shirt dodging debris on his way out of a patio party.

In the video, onlookers shout obscenities, and there's light applause as the person purported to be Manziel exits the party through a gate. Deadspin is already on the case, digging up Twitter evidence to tie Manziel to the Austin party scene on the night in question. 

In addition to tweets from Shoff (which blast Manziel for drinking Keystone Light), University of Texas student Lydia Messina also claims to have been at the party with Johnny Football.

Meanwhile, Manziel's Twitter feed has been silent since July 18, when he thanked his fans and fellow Aggies for their support in the wake of his dismissal from the Manning Passing Academy

It was rumored that Manziel was too hungover to participate in the elite camp run by Archie, Cooper, Peyton and Eli Manning. Manziel denied that characterization, claiming he simply overslept.

In light of his recent party choices, one has to wonder whether or not Manziel's longhorn tattoo is really fake after all.

Johnny Manziel Texas A&M football player making a face
Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel was spotted at a University of Texas frat party on July 26.
Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziel took a lot of heat for his "fake" longhorn tattoo.