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College football games of the week: Bulldogs, Gamecocks, Tigers and Gators

College football games of the week: Bulldogs, Gamecocks, Tigers and Gators

Austin Photo Set: News_Trey_games of the week6_oct 2012_lsu
Austin Photo Set: News_Trey_games of the week6_oct 2012_georgia

Well that was fun. There was Texas winning in Stillwater with a last second touchdown. Or was it? Yes, yes it was. There was another shootout here, some scary moments for LSU, Boise State and Oregon State and a nightmare for Georgia Tech. Even Alabama looked less awesome. Who knows what we are going to get this week? Me, that’s who, and I am here to guide you through week six of the college football season. Follow me, please, and let’s try and stay together.

No Texas/West Virginia here, but there are plenty of super games being played this weekend.

No. 3 LSU Tigers at No. 11 Florida Gators: 2:30 p.m. on CBS

The Gators and Tigers have a unique situation that allows them to play every year, despite not being in the same division. I don’t think anyone else has that set up, but I am not complaining because it’s usually an awesome game. This season should be no different. The Gators struggled early with Texas A&M, but since then the Muschamps have been lights out. LSU, on the other hand, looks like a shadow of their former selves, despite going undefeated.

This sets up for a Florida win to many people, but they are overlooking one thing- Les Miles is crazy. He probably doesn’t know that his team is struggling. He probably doesn’t know who they are playing this weekend and you know what? He doesn’t care. He’s Les Miles. He doesn’t really understand timeouts, doesn’t care what down it is and thinks field goals are lame. No way LSU loses in Florida. Tigers 27, Florida 17.

No. 5 Georgia Bulldogs at No. 6 South Carolina Gamecocks: 6 p.m. on ESPN

This one should be a lot of fun to watch. UGA had a scare last weekend with Tennessee, who seems to be on the verge of being an SEC player again, but they won a shootout. The Gamecocks' only real national exposure game in the ugly week one win over Vandy, but they are quietly motoring right along.

The question is can the Cocks put enough points on the board to overcome how many Georgia will score, or can they shut down Aaron Murray enough to keep this in the low 20’s? It’s the 8th best offense in the nation (Georgia) versus the 13th best defense in the nation (Carolina). Who wins? I think Georgia is going to score too many points and the Gamecock offense will not be able to keep pace, but they will get to Murray and force a turnover or two. Georgia 33, South Carolina. 27.

No. 14 oklahoma sooners at No. 24 Texas Tech Red Raiders: 2:30 p.m. on ABC

Breaking my own rule here, again, but Tech seems like they are on a roll, and I imagine they smell crimson in the water. The kids will be sky high and well lubed for this game. The sooners have a lot to prove right now (especially after their shocking loss to Tech last year, which seemed to open the door to many struggles they face now) and usually Bob Stoops circles the wagons as well as anyone in the nation, but I just don’t know if they have the personnel or the locker room to do that.

And quick, who leads the nation in pass defense? Texas Tech. Who leads the nation in total defense? Texas Tech. Those are not typos. I think ou gets wrecked on the Plains. It’s 10:36, by the way...

Worst Game of the Week

Kansas Jayhawks at No. 8 Kansas State Wildcats: 11 a.m. on F/X

Kansas is awful, and Kansas State bludgeons teams to death with their leather helmet-era offense. Football is going to be thrown back 40 years, but thankfully most people won’t be watching.

Last Week

Ohio State Buckeyes at No. 18 Michigan State Spartans  
Why it was included:
Top 25 matchup, nothing else on.
Prediction: Sparty shows up, wins at home, fights in the crowd. Michigan State 21, Ohio State 15
Reality: Sparty didn’t show up, lost at home, fights between the staffs. Ohio State 17, Michigan State 16

That was horrible. HORRIBLE. Co-hosting the pre-game show for the Texas/Oklahoma State game Saturday on The Zone, I was forced to watch this atrocity and decided I shall not include any more Big Ten games because they are nearly impossible to watch. Every time I turned around somebody was laying down the sidelines: a player, a coach, a 66-year old official. Yuck. Just, yuck. Through all of that, however, the * looks to be firmly in place for the winner of the Big Ten, because Ohio State is winning.

No. 24 Baylor Bears at No. 7 West Virginia Mountaineers  
Why it was included: G
ame of the day, offense, no defense.
Prediction: Nobody stops anyone, nod to the home team. WVA 41, Baylor 33
Reality: Nobody stopped anyone, nod to the home team. WVA 42, Baylor 35- with 9:33 to play in the third.  Final Score: WVA 70, Baylor 63

It did indeed have more offense from one team in one half than the combined Michigan State/Ohio State efforts produced in the entire game. It was truly as sight to see two teams that had absolutely no ability to stop the other at all.

Nick Florence through for 581 yards and five touchdowns, Terrence Williams had 17 catches for 314 yards and two scores and the Baylor offense put up 700 total yards and scored nine touchdowns — and lost. Geno Smith might have won the Heisman in September with his 656-yard, 8-touchdown game. It was like watching an Arena League game, wasn’t it? If Baylor doesn’t miss two field goals, they might still be going.

Arkansas Razorbacks at Texas A&M Aggies  
Why it was included:
I dislike both teams, someone should lose, Aggies are funny, Whoop!
Prediction: My Arkansas friend said the Backs are done, John L Smith is nuts. Aggies 49, Backs 24
Reality: My Arkansas friend was right, John L Smith is nuts. Aggies 58, Backs 10

It was actually 10-7 Arkansas before Texas A&M went on a 51-0 run to end all the dreams, hopes and aspirations of my friend. I don’t like Arkansas, but I like my friend. Thanks again, Petrino.

Wisconsin Badgers @ No.20 Nebraska Cornhuskers   
Why it was included:
It’s loud, Pelini is an entertaining jerk, Saturday night football.
Prediction: Pelini doesn’t like his quarterback, Badgers a bit of a mess, Huskers win at home. Nebraska 30, Wisconsin 24
Reality: David Gilbert doesn’t like Pelini’s quarterback, either, Badgers are a bit of a mess, Huskers win at home. Nebraska 30, Wisconsin 27

The uniforms were awesome, the Big Red crowd was terrific (as always), and the Huskers needed every single one of them as they rallied from a 27-10 third quarter deficit with a 39-yard touchdown run and a 10-yard touchdown pass from the “soft” Taylor Martinez to tie it. Brett Maher’s 41-yard field goal with 9:41 left put the Huskers up for good, 30-27. I said 30-24, and that’s close enough for a win in my book.

Worst Game of the Week

No. 2 Oregon Ducks at Washington State Cougars: 9:30 p.m. on ESPN2
Why it was included:
It’s Washington State and Oregon.
Prediction: Blood bath, family fun outside of football.
Reality: Bloody nose, fun in the football stadium.

The Pirates of the Palouse trailed 23-19 at halftime and the Ducks were struggling. Turnovers, lack of depth and a lack of overall talent helped Oregon push on through for the easy win, but Wazzu looked much better than I thought. Far from the worst game of the day.

That's it for this week. See you next week. What time is it again?


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