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Beyonce Hearts Bevo

Did UT find its new football coach on Tumblr?

Beyonce bikini
We all know Beyoncé has the heart of a champion.
Beyonce giraffe head
Will Beyoncé be calling the plays on the DKR sidelines this year?
Beyonce bikini giraffe
We don't know what the giraffe suit is about, exactly.
Beyonce bikini
Beyonce giraffe head
Beyonce bikini giraffe

So in case you’re a UT fan stuck under a rock for the past 24 hours, the Longhorn football program has been hit with a tornado of rumors and hearsay regarding the future of embattled football coach Mack Brown. It started with a report on that Brown would step down as head coach, a rumor that he denied, but he and the athletic department are still tight-lipped about whether it’s true and if Nick Saban has found a set of drapes he likes for his new home in Lakeway.

But thanks to a Tumblr post, Horns fans can put to rest any doubt about the future of the program and who will lead it. Everyone’s favorite pop diva posted an enlightening photo that hinted at her future plans, along with displaying how well she was able to get back in shape after having a baby. Like a high school recruit donning a cap of the college he will be playing at, Beyoncé appears wearing Texas Longhorns jersey in several new photos on her Tumblr.

That’s right: it appears that the destiny of the Texas Longhorns lies in the hands of a former Destiny’s Child. 

That’s right: it appears that the destiny of the Texas Longhorns lies in the hands of a former Destiny’s Child. It is, however, unclear why she is wearing the white, string bikini bottom and a giraffe hat with paws. Perhaps the bikini bottom is just for the hot Austin summers, but we might have to wait until the official announcement and press conference to find out the meaning behind the giraffe hat.

And it also appears that Queen B has made a pick for next year’s starting quarterback, with the jersey featuring David Ash’s number 14. Looks like Tyrone Swoopes will have to continue to wait from the sidelines for one more season.

While there is some uncertainty as to what kind of coaching strategy — or experience, for that matter — Beyoncé will bring to Austin to launch the Longhorns back to national prominence, let’s hope that she at least inspires some five-star recruits to fall crazy in love with the new coach. And it shouldn’t be long now until we start hearing reports of Jay-Z shopping for houses in West Austin.

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