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College football games of the week: Bowl season heats up

College football games of the week: Bowl season heats up

Off to a blazing start in the bowl season with a wicked come-from-behind win for Arizona and a game that Toledo kept close for a while, but eventually the more talented Utah State Aggies pulled away. I was 2-0 this week, but that’s not that important.

Now in the world of college football is the time for players to get in trouble. Lots of down time and lots of unsupervised activities because guys are either a) done for the year, b) waiting for their bowl game, or c) just played their bowl game. So far Shoelace, and a Utah State d-lineman have been popped this week and an idiot on the North Alabama football team was dismissed for his idiocy.

There will be more, because these are college guys with lots of time on their hands. Very talented, very gifted college guys, but college guys nonetheless. College guys do dumb things sometimes. Guys of any age do dumb things sometimes, but it happens more when you are surrounded by other college guys and no parents/coaches. If you wear burnt orange, please be cool. As for the rest of you, I will enjoy the show.

Let’s get to this week’s bowl games, shall we? You can’t start off much better than I did last week, so I expect to cool off significantly… Or maybe not? Let’s see.

Friday, December 21

Ball State Cardinals (9-3/6-2) vs. Central Florida Golden Knights (9-4/7-1): 6:30 pm on ESPN

Who is the most famous alumnae from Ball State? David Letterman. What about Central Florida? Daniel Tosh. Who you got, Letterman or Tosh.0? I guess I’ll go with Letterman, but I am not at all confident in my pick. I am confident in UCF smacking the MAC around. I think the athletes and better schedule the Golden Knights have played are going to show up in a big way… Unless the Central Florida players don’t care. If they do it’s a blowout, if not, it’s close. I think they care. Knights 38, Cardinals 24.

Saturday, December 22nd

Carolina Pirates (8-4/7-1) vs. Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns (8-4/6-2): 11 a.m. on ESPN

Who set this up? Who has a bowl game in New Orleans at 11 a.m.? That’s like having 8 a.m. classes, or any classes on Friday... dumb. Anyway, this game will involve two teams very excited to be playing and two fan bases very excited to be in New Orleans. This should be a fun game to watch while you are wrapping presents, or drinking. Or maybe both? Yay! They are pretty evenly matched, but I think Lafayette is a little better and that 105-ranked pass defense of the Pirates is going to get shredded in the Super Dome. Lafayette pulls away late. Ragin Cajuns 40, Pirates 30.

Washington Huskies (7-5/5-4) vs. No.19 Boise State Broncos (10-2/7-1): 2:30 p.m. on ESPN

Vegas has this line at -7.5 and as low as -4.5 for Boise State and I just don’t see why. Unless they know something I don’t (they do — I’ve seen Casino) I don’t see what Washington does to keep this close.  The Boise State defense is terrific and in the two games they lost, they gave up 17 and 21 points. Chris Petersen always has his guys ready to play and the blue and orange will fill up the Strip. I think the Broncos push UDub around and win this going away. If anyone is in Vegas, please send me picture of what is going on where O’Sheas used to be. A crime against us all, Vegas. Shame on you. Blue Turf 35, Huskies 14.

Monday, December 24

SMU Mustangs (6-6/5-3) vs. Fresno State Bulldogs (9-3/7-1): 7 p.m. on ESPN

The last time Garrett Gilbert was in a bowl game this happened. It didn’t last, but it was nice for a moment and we all know how that ended. Neither the passer (Gilbert) nor the receiver (Dan Buckner) is still with the Texas program. Now GG is playing in Dallas and he’s bowling again. Good for him. Sincerely, I wish him nothing but success… Unfortunately, the Ponies are going to get hammered in Hawaii. The bigger and better teams they have played this year had their way with SMU, and I see Fresno State doing the same thing because they are bigger and better. With a month to prepare and watch Gilbert’s tendencies and tells, I think the nation’s No. 5 team in turnover margin gets at least two interceptions and possibly more. I think he’ll end up with some decent numbers, but this is a solid Fresno State squad with a 10th win staring them in the face. They get it. Bulldogs 44, Mustangs 21.   

Wednesday, December 26

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (7-5/4-4) vs. Central Michigan Chippawas (6-6/4-4): 6:30 p.m. on ESPN

I think Western Kentucky wins this game because I don’t trust the MAC, but that isn’t important. Again, let’s play Famous Alumni Fight Club. In this corner from Western Kentucky, David Schramm. You may know him better as Roy from the never-ending TV show Wings. Repping the Chippawas, we have Terry O’Quinn, better known as John Locke from Lost. Roy was mean and sarcastic, but Locke was crazy. And possibly already dead. How do you fight that? You don’t. You lose. Central Michigan 31, WKU 30.

 See you next week for more bowls! For more nonsense follow me on Twitter @TreyMcLean.