Holiday movie time is here, which one is the best ever?

You're sitting on a comfy couch in front of the fire with a hot toddy in your hand and you're looking for something to watch — maybe a great holiday movie? So which one do you pick up first? We narrowed down the choices a bit, now you can weigh in. What's the best holiday movie of all time?

The votes are in. See who won!
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

It isn't a good, old-fashioned Christmas without the Griswalds. Clark Griswald is just trying to to give his family the best Christmas ever — unfortunately for him nothing seems to go right. From getting locked up in the attic to a surprise visit from Cousin Eddie and the kids; from cutting open a rotten turkey to having a squirrel in the Christmas tree and then inadvertently kidnapping his boss. Nothing gives you that warm holiday feeling like the destruction of the Griswald's Christmas.

A Christmas Story

This early '80s film became a cult classic and now sets the standard fo feel-good holiday fare. Set in post-war 1940s America, the movie follows young Ralphie through a holiday season of yearning for his very own Red Ryder BB gun. Loaded with sarcasm and humor, the film is now a modern holiday classic. And who can forget the legendary leg lamp complete with stockings and fringe?


Will Ferrell's insane man-child persona is perfectly suited for playing the naive elf-out-of-water, Buddy, in this contemporary comedy classic. Every member of the family will appreciate the silly, clever and kind humor of this endlessly re-watchable film that is packed with quotable lines.

Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street is the best holiday movie ever made! I'm sure Santa Claus would agree. After all, this 1947 holiday classic proves once and for all, and in the court of law, the existence of Kris Kringle. This film will have even the biggest Grinch cleaning out his chimney in preparation of Santa's arrival. If you believe in Santa, you have to believe Miracle on 34th Street is the best film of the season.

It's a Wonderful Life

No holiday season would be complete without a reminder of why the holidays are important in the first place. Frank Capra's masterpiece is more than just a fun holiday romp with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed (although egg nog can make it so!). The film also reminds us that we are each uniquely important to our families, friends and community. There's a reason this 1946 post-war film has never been re-made in modern times — it's perfect — pass the egg nog please!