Who will become the first-ever CultureMap Stylemaker?

Which of these finalists will be the first-ever CultureMap Stylemaker? Vote once a day, every day, through October 7 for your favorite trendsetter.


The votes are in. See who won!
Jessi Afshin

Occupation: Style blogger

Website: thedarlingdetail.com

Why Jessi deserves to be a Stylemaker: Jessi Afshin is the definition of Austin cool. Her highly regarded blog, The Darling Detail, mixes effortless, chic apparel with high-fashion and on-trend pieces. On Instagram, Afshin showcases ensembles that are all about casual, affordable, and attainable style.

Dani Austin

Occupation: Youtube personality and fashion blogger

Website: youtube.com/daniaustin2

Why Dani deserves to be a Stylemaker: Dani Austin makes waves online with her super-popular YouTube channel. Offline, it's her style that grabs your attention: She melds trends from different eras to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Kandi Cook

Occupation: Event planner, personal stylist

Website: facebook.com/KCCoutureStyles

Why Kandi deserves to be a Stylemaker: Event planner and personal stylist Kandi Cook's outspoken look is a reflection of her bright spirit and spunky personality. She can dress anyone — regardless of style and budget — and always reminds people that being fashionably gorgeous on the outside is a mere reflection of your inner beauty.

Shelley Neuman

Occupation: ATX Street Style blogger and photographer

Website: atxstreetstyle.com

Why Shelley deserves to be a Stylemaker: Shelley Neuman's looks communicate a sense of effortlessness that is downright enviable. She can find the beauty in the simplest things and make any outfit look high-dollar. With her blog ATX Street Style, Shelley shares her style know-how across the city.

Travis Sandoval

Occupation: Video producer

Website: gaysandconfused.com

Why Travis deserves to be a Stylemaker: As a creative, Travis Sandoval strives to apply a unique aesthetic to his work as well as his own style. Travis is all about the details in an outfit, ensuring that what he wears is an expression of himself: colorful and fun with a masculine edge.

Sylvia Vaquera

Occupation: Fashion blogger

Website: fixintothrill.com

Why Sylvia deserves to be a Stylemaker: A longtime fashionista, Sylvia Vaquera is chasing her style dreams with Fixin to Thrill, a blog for fashion lovers. Partial to black-and-white ensembles, Sylvia's style is classic and chic — with the right dose of Austin edge mixed in.